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The White House May Be Days Away from a Complete Implosion

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 13, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 13, 2017 |

I don’t know how to start today’s Pajiba Love. I just don’t feel much love at the moment and I don’t want to be a total downer, but holy shitsandwich, there’s just so much NOT GOOD right now.

Here’s some good. A collection of ways you can help Charlottesville. - (The MarySue)

As many of you may know, the knives are out for Stephen Bannon inside the White House. But the smear campaign, and the effort to boot H.R. McMaster is reportedly heated up, as well, with Bannon’s contingency (and the Breitbart/white nationalists) reportedly are going to allege that H.R. McMaster has a drinking problem, an allegation reportedly based on no evidence. It’s likely to backfire, and given what else is going on — North Korea, Charlottesville, Russia, intraparty infighting — the White House may be days away from imploding. (Axios)

Honest to god, every time Trump does or says something stupid on Twitter I find myself wondering how this man manages to wipe his own ass every day and then he does or says something else and I wonder if maybe he actually doesn’t wipe his own ass, because he really doesn’t seem capable of even that. - (VF)

In Germany you can’t even give a Nazi salute without getting your ass kicked, or if a passerby doesn’t get to you first but a police officer does, a fine or even prison. They take Nazi bullshit SERIOUSLY there, unlike in the US where you can have goddamn rallies and shit and the President* of the United States kinda’ shrugs and says, “eh, there’s fault on all sides.” - (WashPost)

Here, this might make you feel better. Maybe you already saw it. Maybe if you did you want to see it again. Charming Potato getting his charming groove on in a gas station. - (Lainey)

The Glass Castle premiere brought out Brie Larson in a shimmery shroud. - (GFY)

If you don’t follow baseball, you may not know about Rally Cat. I don’t follow baseball, but my dad called me to tell me about Rally Cat. I thought he was talking about Rally’s and a new mascot or something. I was really confused. ANYway, this is not about a hamburger restaurant. It’s about a cat. And baseball. And good luck charms. And YAY CATS! - (Dlisted)

As I’m basically lying halfway off my couch typing this right now, I can’t say I fault MiMi too much. I’m not much of a “mover” myownself. I mean, maybe Mariah could be a smidge more enthusiastic in her performances, but fuck it. She knows people are going to show up anyway, so… - (LG)

The judge threw out the groper DJ’s suit against Taylor Swift. Good. His case was full of nothing and I hope he loses in Taylor’s counter-suit. - (Celebitchy)

The military values uniformity. Who better than Mary Roach, "an expert at crafting pop science reads," to find the individuality within that closed system? Octothorp found that Roach’s Grunt personalized the military and allowed her "to feel connected to a subject often presented at a remove." What would you find surprising about life in the military? (Cannonball Read 9)

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