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The Sexy! It's Back! Justin Timberlake Delivers On An Old Promise.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 20, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 20, 2011 |

We have this excellent “How To Speak Wookiee” book at my store. Trust me, it’s not the kids pushing the sound button all damn day. Well, they’re kids, but they’re very tall kids with stubble. (Laughing Squid)

Speaking of Sci-Fi nostalgia, here is an excellent infographic on how to spot The Thing. (The Ampersand)

And here we have a gorgeous series of sculptures of the human body made out of welded metal/tightly knight chains. (Colossal)

Today GLAAD asks you wear purple to show solidarity for the LGBT(QIA) community and to promote anti-bullying. In case you did not find any purple in your wardrobe, many folks are “purpling” their Facebook profile photos. I’ve “purpled” good old David Gandy here. Totally straight David Gandy. Not at all homoerotic David Gandy. That’s my gift to you. (Celebitchy)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like JGL is giving Scarlett Johansson the business. The business is his penis. (Evil Beet)

Speaking of ScarJo, she’s just one of several celebrities on this list of Hilarious Audition Tapes. Here you’ll see her reading for Jumanji. Some are real, some are fake, but the best has to be TJ Miller and the bear. (Flavorwire)

Our favorite Justin (suck it Bieber) appears in a new music video. It’s not technically *his* music video, though you could have fooled me. Listen, I enjoy Timberlake “The Actor” but he’s kidding himself if he thinks he’s capable of anything more than SNL host and inveterate Kunis banger. But he makes top notch, addictive albums. Here he is rapping, auto tune style. (NYMag)

Allegedly, high heels are the new height of fashion for men in NYC. Not drag, just the heels. Muy interesante, fellas, ENJOY THE PAIN. (NYT)

Did you know U.S. currency used to be intricate and gorgeous? Me neither. (Boing Boing)

Speaking of U.S. currency, let’s talk OCCUPY for a second. First of all, MTV is looking for young, lissome protestors for either “The Real World,” an entirely new TV series or a special report. It’s a little unclear to me. Either way, my favorite part is that the casting call asks for folks who “appear to be between the ages of 20-24.” Same as it ever was. (The Village Voice)

And while the police have been cast as the bad guys throughout this protest, “Mother Jones” has a slightly more balanced look at the NYPD and their reaction/action/participation. (Mother Jones)

Finally, someone’s done a fairly adorable “Occupy Andy’s Room” photo series with Toy Story figures. (The Curious Brain)

At the time of this posting, the official word was that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is dead. (Slate)

And so as not to leave you on a wholly maudlin note, here is a heart breaking/warming story reader Justin sent me. “An Iowa couple who was married for 72 years died one hour apart last week in the hospital as they held hands.” (KCCI)

You guys remember “Sweding,” the low-budget recreations made popular by Be Kind Rewind. Well here’s sweded version of The Avengers trailer. I don’t know about you, but I found it magnifique. Right down to the red cloth that chick is wearing for hair.

Finally, the lovely Feist takes part in the Black Cab Sessions series. Her unique voice is obviously an incredible instrument in and of itself, so it’s no wonder this was a fantastic session.

Feist from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

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