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The Sexiest Man in Britain Is Not the Shirtless, Oiled, and Dirty Guy I'd Have Chosen (Pictured), But I Won't Argue with the Choice

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 7, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 7, 2012 |

All that controversy surrounding HBO’s “Girls” after the first couple of episodes has died down, especially after the likes of Louis CK and Jimmy Kimmel vouched for how great the show is. In fact, of all the Sunday night shows last night, I actually thought “Girls” was the best episode, which says a lot considering how fantastic “Game of Thrones” was (recap coming tomorrow!). All my initial misgivings have been allayed. Awesome writing will cancel out a lot of controversy. In either respect, Anna Von Beaverhoosit sends along this interview NPR did with Dunham addressing the controversy around the show. (NPR)

Hey, you remember when The Avengers made $200 million on its opening weekend? Yeah, well, about that. It actually made $207 million. (F*ck You)

Speaking of The Avengers, our pal Kirk Hamilton wrote a piece appropriately titled “Three Cheers for Joss Whedon, King of the Geeks, King of the World.” Word. (Kotaku)

On last Avengers-related post: Our bearded pal Neil Miller runs down six of his favorite scenes from the movie. (FSR)

Did you hear that Netflix was considering reviving “Jericho”? That’s a dumb idea. Here’s 10 other shows Netflix should consider reviving before “Jericho.” I think the Pajibans will have my back on this post. (WarmingGlow)

Dark Shadows comes out this weekend, and there’s almost no buzz around it, namely because it looks like another in a series of sort of blah Tim Burton/Johnny Depp projects. But apparently, according to this post, it’s good. But then again, the positive reviews come from AICN, which loves most everything. So, who knows. (GammaSquad)

The winner of most disturbing link of the day goes to this post about the actual existence of pills made from dead babies, which supposedly increase stamina. I don’t even, y’all. I’m going to back away slowly. (The Daily What)

Here are 15 behind the scenes pics of Alien because the Internet is awesome. (Unreality)

It’s not much, but Hey! It’s a step in the right direction: Vogue is banning the use of models under 16 who appear to have an eating disorder. No word on whether the ban applies to women over 16 who appear to have an eating disorder. (Celebitchy)

Whenever you type in Fat Cat into Google Images, it’s more likely than not you’ll see a picture of Meow, a 39-pound-cat. Sadly, Meow has passed away, owing to pulmonary failure attributed to cat obesity. (Buzzfeed)

Let me ask, for real because I’m blind to reality: Do President Obama’s reelection prospects actually look grim, or is Bill Kristol just trying to get a rise out of me? Because it’s working. (Weekly Standard)

Did you know that our newest columnist, Kathy Benjamin, also writes for Mental Floss? Well, she does. Here’s her post on the 7 Downsides to Being a Lefty. (Mental Floss)

You know what? I’m pretty sure that Guillermo del Toro just doesn’t like to make films. The man has a dozen irons in the fire, and yet he hasn’t made a film in four years. The latest? Mountains of Madness probably won’t happen. Why? Because of Prometheus. Obviously. (Slashfilm)

Man alive: This is horrible. A soldier in Afghanistan was killed while talking to his wife on Skype. Also, because we jackasses don’t say it enough: Thank you for your service, troops. I’m really sorry that this happened. (Jezebel)

Here’s a Best of Andy Dwyer GIF compilation, which I appreciate on account of Andy being my favorite “Parks and Rec” character (he’s also my Twitter avatar, which is confusing for people who follow both Pajiba and Chris Pratt. I’m sorry). (Uproxx)

Over in the UK, The Sun readers voted its sexiest man alive. Guess who it’s not? Ryan Gosling, who is seventh. Guess who it is? Oh, you’re going to like this, Pajibans. (The Sun)

I’m not so sure they shouldn’t reconsider their votes. I mean: There’s a lot to be said for shirtless, oiled, and dirty.


Do you like cheese? No, not the moldy kind. The kind that makes you cringe. Here’s a video from the 70s that mswas sent me featuring Donny and Marie as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and it’s probably going to make your jaw ache. (Nerd Approved)

Do not ask me what’s going on in this video. All I know is that Joss Whedon is not a bird, a bird who teaches people how to poop. ALSO WHAT THE F*CK.

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