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The Senate Health Care Bill May Collapse As Soon as Tomorrow #IWantToBelieve

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 26, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 26, 2017 |

Oooooh, this is a very Summer-ish outfit and I want a jacket exactly like it. I need one! - (GFY)

Let’s not get our hopes up here, but there are three Republicans now — Rand Paul, Dean Heller, and Maine’s Susan Collins — who have not only come out strongly against the Senate Health Care bill, they’re not even going to allow the bill to advance to the debate stage. That means the bill could collapse as early as tomorrow after today’s miserable CBO score. Susan Collins’ “No” may also mean that Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia will also reject the bill. After what happened in the House, however, I’m not going to get my hopes up. (NYTimes)

Chance the Rapper is just sunshine in human form. He won the best New Artist award *and* the Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards last night, oh, and Michelle Obama called him an “outstanding role model.” His acceptance speech is in the link and so worth watching. - (Lainey)

Oh The X-Files: Such fond memories, and yet the show’s reluctance to advance past the 90s in its writers’ room continues to be a source of frustration. (Nerdist)

Kelly Osbourne marched in the NY Pride parade on Sunday, which is great. Good for her. Like any of the 30,000+ other attendees may have needed to, Kelly needed to pee. So she went to a Starbucks; one that doesn’t happen have a public restroom. Did Kelly Osbourne say, “Ok, that sucks, thank you” and go on to find another place to relieve herself, as pretty much all of us have had to do at some point in our lives? No. No, Kelly did not. Instead, Kelly chose to just piss herself and then blame Starbucks for that. You know, like normal people do… - (Dlisted)

We get Kelly Osbourne peeing herself at NY Pride and Toronto gets Justin Trudeau. Such bullshit! - (oohlo)

Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller may be boning down. Or just standing there saying, “You’re pretty.” “No, you’re pretty.” “No, YOU’RE pretty.” “Yeah, but YOU’RE pretty.” Who can say what the beautiful people do when they scurry off to the private Winnebago? - (LG)

Warning: Rowles link dump: Hey! Did you guys catch that bad-ass Easter Egg in Preacher last night? Or were you bothered by the squicky Native American stereotype on Fear the Walking Dead? Maybe you just want to know where Ofelia got off to? Or maybe you’re just jazzed about how much ass Kumail Nanjiani is kicking at the box office? (Uproxx)

This may come as a shock, but one of Donald Trump’s appointees is a garbage person. Senior Energy Department official William C. Bradford was recently appointed to lead the department’s Office of Indian Policy and Programs and my, my, my, The Washington Post found some of his tweets from 2016 and Mr. Bradford has had to apologize for his supreme assholishness. - (Yahoo)

Was Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of the orange buffoon a one-season gig or will he be back next year to mock he who makes the mocking so easy? - (Vanity Fair)

If Prince Harry is really having an engagement ring made for Meghan and if it’s really from a piece of Diana’s jewelry, I think that would be lovely and not “copycatting William.” - (Celebitchy)

Happy Harry Potter Day! 20 years after the first book’s publication in the UK, all of the books in the Potterverse have been a big part of Cannonball Read. From an archived Pajiba review of Intern Rusty’s 2009 take on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (including pre-Disqus comments, so give it time to load) to faintingviolet’s big re-read review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire earlier this month, there’ve been over 85 CBR book reviews about the Boy Who Lived. Which book is your favorite? (Cannonball Read 9)

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