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The Rock Tests His Fans' Loyalty With Baywatch & Katherine Heigl Wins A Few More Fans

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2014 |

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tried his best to throw witty comebacks at Steven Colbert on Twitter. I guess when one completely discounts evolution, a sense of humor goes out the door too. (WG)

Orange really will be the new black for Teresa and Joe Giudice. The reality-tv duo was convicted of mortgage and bankruptcy fraud and will both serve federal time. Do they sell tanning lotion at commissary? (

Shailene Woodley has newly bleached blonde hair but still dresses like a hippie pilgrim who lifted her shoes from a Disney princess. (GFY)

Jennifer Garner told an adorable story about how her whole family caught head lice and had to call the Lice Lady. I think she made the Lice Lady up. We all remember sitting in a bathtub with caustic crap on our head, right? Rite of passage. (DL)

Oh, no. Effie Trinket wasn’t able to bring her magnificent Capitol-styled eyebrows to District 13. She looks so sad in these photos. (TMS)

Magic Mike XXL is in full force and brings the candy. Out of all the dudes, Matt Bomer brings it. Far more than Joe Man-jello. Because Matt Bomer is a goddamn angel, that’s why. (Lainey)

Katherine Heigl is on a career-redefining mission these days. No longer will she be labelled as a killer of fun (although plenty of dudes have trashed their own movies and haven’t received the same heat). Look what Heigl is doing now: Posing topless with a film crew. (Us)

Evil Dead toys from the Evil Corp? Yes, please. (Unreality)

Dwayne Johnson is still playing the “How many terrible movies can I make, and yet you’ll still love me?” game. Now he’s making a Baywatch film. Do you want to see the Rock running down the beach in little red shorty shorts? F*ck, yeah. (Slashfilm) Oh, and The Rock confirmed this news with a shirtless photo. (Instagram)

Lenny Kravitz tried very hard to convince us that he’s not “cool” at all. He doesn’t get the chicks! He’s just a regular guy. Riiight. A regular guy who can totally pull off gold boots and carpets as scarves without looking ridiculous. (CB)

Kate Winslet says she’s just one of the boys. She also tries to convince us that she’s got real-world problems because she had a few pimples, years ago. (MC)

A judge has ordered Bethenny Frankel to stop dressing up in her daughter’s pajamas and posting the evidence on the internet. (HuffPo)

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis announced the name of their baby girl: Wyatt Isabelle. The poor kid won’t be able to go by her middle name because she’ll have a million Isabellas in her class. So instead, she’ll sound like a horse wrangler with a handlebar mustache. (NYDN)

Here’s some facts about Ebola that you won’t see on CNN. (MF)

Have you panicked over Ebola yet? It’s one state away from me, and I’ve been annoying many people by refusing to freak out over it. Then I read how easy it is to avoid an airport screening through the miracle of Ibuprofen. (NBC)

Subway reminds women not to lose their girlish figures with the falling autumn temperatures. After all, one must impress all of the bros by wearing a sexy nurse costume in only a few short weeks. Chop, chop!

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