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The Only Thing Better Than The Distorted Cry Faces Of The Oscar Winners Are The Constipated Frozen Grins On The Losers

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 28, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 28, 2012 |

I think Dustin promised you yesterday that we would be moving on from talking about the Oscars. He lied. As much as I love the sweet tears of victory, this gallery of Academy Award loser gifs is amazing. It was a lot harder to force your face into a congratulatory grin in the days before Botox. That being said, how cute is Holly Hunter’s full body spasm of joy for Anna Paquin? (Four Four)

Also, I meant to post these last week, but here’s this year’s best Minimalist posters for the Oscar nominated films. The Hugo and The Artist posters are too lovely to skip. (The Curious Brain)

And (last Oscar link) here is the dapper Jean Dujardin in his less dignified days. I agree with every commenter who has recommended the OSS 117 films, but these may be even better. Oh yes, there’s hot tub boy band singing and table top rapping. Enjoy. (FilmDrunk)

The wonderful Bryan Cranston (surely a future Oscar-winner for Best Supporting Actor) wore these amazing “Breaking Bad” sneakers on the red carpet. (Vulture)

I know that after seeing X-Men: First Class I was a little skeptical about the acting talents of Ms. Jennifer Lawrence. But I’m fully on board for these here Hunger Games. I’m experiencing, like, Dustin-levels of excitement. It helps that Lawrence admits to training her butt off for the role of Katniss. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her 70s themed photo spread is boobalicious. (Celebitchy)

They’ve cast the role of Carrie in the CW “Sex and The City” prequel series. Honestly, without the HBO-level of nudity and language, Ms. Bradshaw and company are of no interest to me. (MovieLine)

I dig the hell out of this list of the best Guillermo Del Toro movies. The man is like a demented Jim Henson. Though I’m not fully in agreement with the hipster choice of #1, I do like seeing Hellboy that high on any list. (Unreality)

Speaking of which, if you were thinking of watching Hellboy on Netflix Instant, I’d do it today. It will be gone as of tomorrow with the rest of the Starz programming. You guys, no more Hackers. YOU GUYS, NO MORE Teen Wolf! (Gizmodo)

So I think our only option today is to call in sick, swing by IHOP for free pancakes (HAPPY PANCAKE DAY) and marathon “Party Down” on Netflix before it disappears. (That’s Nerdalicious)

Speaking of TV cancelled too soon, the lovely women of “Community” talk about how they’ll feel if the show gets cancelled. Spoiler Alert. Gah, I love these ladies. (The Daily Beast)

Hey, geeks, not really into yoga? You may think differently after you see Princess Leia doing a Downward Facing Dog. Also? Every yoga class should come standard with a Yoda. (Etsy)

All of these racist Vintage ads are astonishing and amazing, but my favorite has to be the “b*tch please” look on this kid’s face. (Buzzfeed)

You know what’s true about the actors in Tarantino movies? They look even better when shot from below.

Finally, the lovely Matt Smith and his ridiculous hair stopped by “Top Gear” and tells all you nitpickers out there not to apply logic to “Doctor Who.” Put that in your TARDIS and smoke it.

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