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The New Oscar Trailer Will Make You Long For James Franco In Drag

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 6, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 6, 2012 |

While it wasn’t my favorite movie of the year, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo features the coolest two or three minutes I saw in the theaters in 2011. If you haven’t already, check out the mind-blowingly awesome opening credits sequence (with technical breakdown). Reznor’s soundtrack is only half of what makes it so rad. (io9)

What if “Community” DOES come back in the Spring and we wept and wailed for nothing? That’s what the NBC chairman is promising. My, my, bitter Dan Harmon, good luck cleaning the egg off your face and out of your depression beard. (Warming Glow)

You chickadees had so much fun and frustration with the 80s/90s film alphabet that I thought I would post the new 60s version. (Whoever called Vice Versa last time is a genius.) Start your guessing engines. (Laughing Squid)

You know, I thought this chameleon eyeball was pretty swanky…

…and then I saw the 2011 National Geographic Photography winners. Jaw dropping, guys. (The Big Picture)

The man who would be Bourne, Jeremy Renner, was involved in a rather nasty Thai Bar Fight. (FilmDrunk) You know, if this were ten years ago, the “South Park” boys might have a winning sequel on their hands. (Youtube)

I know it may seem like I post every Fassbender link that comes my way. Not true, friends. But I’m just going to get this over with quickly. First he says he doesn’t min non-stick thin girls. (Film News) Then he basically says the world is his smorgasmbord. Because he’s handsome and famous, so why not bone as many women as he can while he can? What I’m saying, Michael, is call me. (Celebitchy)

Okay, how about something a little more think-y to counteract that embarrassing display? Some Hollywood movers and shakers weigh in on declining Movie Theater attendance in 2011. (The Wrap) That being said, attendance was UP at The Alamo Drafthouse, a place where you DON’T have to grapple with douchebags texting, talking, etc. So… there’s your answer, Hollywood. Kill all the douchebags. (Badass Digest)

Oh, this little girl, she knows more than you do about dinosaurs. You *sshole. (Gothamist)

If you don’t know/like/care about “Downton Abbey” you can hop on down to the next video. Still here? Good. Here’s an easy-to-cheat quiz on Which “Downton Abbey” character you are. I cheated and am delighted with my results. (Weta) I am, however, a little more delighted with Patton Oswalt’s results which he shared here and here. But, more importantly, our Lord and Master, Dustin Rowles, wanted you to enjoy this Very Carson Christmas.

Finally, this Oscar promo is troubling me. I’m a fan of Billy Crystal, I am. But, Megan Fox? Josh Duhamel? Is this three years ago? VINNIE JONES HOW COULD YOU? They really really should have gone with NPH. Really.

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