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The Internet Will Make You Smarter. Unless You're Dumb. Then It Will Make You Dumber

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2012 |

You know how our government’s economic system is designed to to encourage the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer? Turns out, the Internet is similarly designed to make the smart smarter and the dumb dumber (see Yahoo Answers). (Mother Jones)

Over on Warming Glow today, I run down the 15 Most Promising Shows of the Pilot Season, which includes four of my favorite showrunners: Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”), Greg Daniels (“Parks and Rec”) Shawn Ryan (“Terriers”), and Jason Katims (“Parenthood”). Oh, and Kevin Bacon is making a serial killer show. (Warming Glow)

On the one hand, how cool would it be to be an extra in “Game of Thrones”? On the other hand, it takes half the day to get dressed, and you still only get paid “extra” wages. (Neatorama)

Over on Hairpin, Annie Breslaw totally saw Connie Britton in her coffee shop, and while she didn’t speak with her, here are the many things she could’ve said. (Hairpin)

Unreality has 5 little-seen movies from 2011 that were worth watching. I completely agree with 3. I will not, however, cosign Meek’s Cutoff. (Unreality)

R. Lee Ermey (you know, from Full Metal Jacket) not only has his own website, he has his own goddamn app. It’s every bit as awesome as you think it might be (via MisterPatches) (R. Lee Ermey)

You may not immediately recognize her name, but you’ll defiinitely recognize her husband’s name, and she’ll be starring in the season finale of “Justified,” according to that husband. (IMDB)

Unlike all the other crazies who have risen and then fallen from the GOP Presidential ranks, Rick Santorum’s crackpottery actually seems to be helping him. He continues to rise, even after this latest discovery: That he once gave a speech suggesting that, thanks to Obama, Satan has his sites firmly set on the United States. (Wonkette) In addition, Santorum also says that gay marriage is like marrying your brother. Or your niece. (Buzzfeed)

This is interesting. Nick Offerman, a.k.a., Ron Swanson, is joining the cast of an upcoming Diablo Cody film. “Give me ALL the bacon and izzeggs, homeskillet.” (FlmSchoolRejects)

Ooooh. Look, according to Levi’s, Hotness comes in ALL shapes and sizes, as long as that size is not above six. (Copyranter)


If Burning Man came in a LEGO set (the smell of hobo grease and ball sweat not included) (Nerd Approved)

What do you get when you combine Mardi Gras and Sci Fi, besides Princess Leias Gone Wild? You get Chewbacchanal, a parade organized by The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus. I am NOT making this up, people. (Gamma Squad)

This is super cute: One of Maya Rudolph’s “SNL” bumpers over the weekend was a tribute to her mother, Minnie Riperton. (Vulture)

The header photo comes via Mr. Adam Scott, who claims *wink wink* that it’s from a pilot he worked on in 2003 called “Philly Justice.” (Twitter)

Finally, here’s a flying baby.


Here’s six more flying babies. (Curious Brain)

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