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The Gays Are Taking Over Our TV Sets! Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wives! Hide Your Ear Hair Trimmers!

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | October 28, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | October 28, 2011 |

“Phinease and Ferb” is one of those critically adored kid’s TV shows that I’m stoked about, but that I’m holding out on until my kidlet is old enough to watch. What’s the consensus around here on the show? It looks like there will be a film, and Toy Story 3’s screenwriter Michael Arndt has been tasked with the screenplay. (Slashfilm)

There’s a neo-VHS culture? Oh, come on hipsters-with-mustaches, really? With all the newfangled technology in the world, you still want to see the crappy version of a movie with those annoying white VCR lines on it? (New York Times)

I’ve looked through Nerve’s list of the 50 Greatest Cult Films of All Time and saw no mention of either version of Wicker Man, so I can shenanigans. However, Re-Animator is on there, so all is forgiven. (Nerve)

Fun Fact: The Gays and the Lesbians now account for 24 percent of all characters on primetime network television. Cue Dean Pelton in a Devil Costume and a Chainsaw: “GAY MARRIAGE.” (Studio Briefing)

Mike Ryan comes up with 20 Other Titles Star Trek 2 Won’t Have, a list that does not include Star Trek: Electric Boogaloo or Star Trek: In My Pants, but it does include Star Trek Beyond Thunderdome. (Moviefone)

You know all those masked boogeymen in slasher flicks? Well, here’s what they look like without their masks. (FSR)

Look, I don’t mean to humblebrag, but apparently, I helped to star a really annoying catch phrase. (Buzzfeed)

After taking off for several years following Elizabethtown, Cameron Crowe is suddenly very productive, with the Pearl Jam doc, We Bought a Zoo this December, another completed script he wants to start filming in March, and yet another script after that. (Collider)

Our pal and colleague, Dave Chen lists his favorite trailers of the year, so far. I think my favorite trailers were for Drive and Moneyball, and fortunately, both of those movies lived up to the trailers. (Dave Chen)

Sometimes, I like to read Big Hollywood because when they call liberals elitist, it makes me angry enough to look down my nose on Andrew Breitbart and Co. (Big Hollywood)

I like this new R.E.M. song enough to basically watch Kirsten Dunst giggle for three minutes. (Pop Candy)

Sometimes, I find the commenters here at Pajiba a little too mean, but you guys have nothing on the Celebitchy commenters. Who mocks Sandra Bullock? What’s wrong with you people? Is there nothing sacred? (Celebitchy)

Here’s an irresistible look at the greatest children’s costumes that will ever show up at your door, although it’s missing the greatest costume and that’s whatever my son is wearing. (Uproxx)

This charming video tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Daylight Savings Time, plus a lot of stuff you probably didn’t know that’s still kind of fascinating.

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