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The Fictional Character I Would Most Want To Get Sh*tfaced With? Well I Think It Should Be Obvious

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 24, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 24, 2011 |

It’s another edition of It Takes A Village Pajiba Love! A very happy Friday to you, my execrable educators. Dustin has just scathed and bitched all over Cameron’s Diaz’s new film Bad Teacher, so if you’re looking to be charmed by ol’ Cam this weekend, may I suggest you watch this mesmerizing bit on “The Daily Show.” She pulls out Jon Stewart’s stitches and it’s horrifying/funny/brave/trainwrecktacular. I don’t usually love Diaz (because I find her pretty impressively untalented) but this was fairly amazing. (Evil Beet)

Hey, lovers of ladies, can you do a favor for me? Can you tell me once and for all if Abbie Cornish is an attractive lady? I can’t quite figure it out. I think she has angles. Here, go and look and report back…Are they gone? Cool, all you peeps who love make-up and good deals, Lainey has a semi-secret Sephora page that’s worth bookmarking. Quick, before the non make-up wearers get back. (Sephora)

Speaking of Things We Want, let’s do a round-up of goodies that makes Pajibans slaver. jM is drooling after this cutting board. It’s either for design fetishists or people with OCD. Either way, thumbs up! mrcresosote, on the other hand, is foaming at the mouth for this very non-spoilery “Game of Thrones” shirt. Readers of the novels will love it most of all. I’m pretty sure Pinky McLadybits wants to put all of these in her mouth. Including Darth Vader? That’s a mouthful, lady. And while Katers and I both want basically everything on this entire website, I think Patty O’Green wins for biggest dreamer with this Bruce Wayne-inspired apartment.

Ah, but from a consumer stand-point, nothing beats this story about buying an enormous metal chicken. Oh yeah, you heard me, thanks, KatSings! (The Blogess)

Have you ever left an insensitive, ignorant or abrasive comment on one of our Sex Columns? Cool, then our resident sexpert Dr. Pisaster has a loving gift just for you. Enjoy. (Internet Archeology)

What’s creepier? That link, or this ye olde timey photo series of ventriloquists and their dummies? I’m going to go with the dummies. Many shuddering thanks to Rob R., one of my fav non-commenters. (Go To Public School)

Let’s cleanse our brain with a little sweetness and light. This seems harmless, Time presents their list of the 25 Best Animated Films of All Time. How adora-WHAT?! A BUG’S LIFE ISN’T EVEN ON HERE?! And that’s your number one pick? For shame, foooor shaaaame. (First Showing)

The lack of The Incredibles on that list is also, well, incredible. They also didn’t make this cute depiction of superheroes as flags, but I think the artist only drew from comic books. I can’t identify all the flags, but I know I would gladly let that V flag fly. (The Curious Brain)

I’m think that if Ron Swanson had a flag it would be a Jolly Roger made of eggs and crossbacons. “Parks and Recreation” actor Adam Scott posted this delightful photo of Nick Offerman looking totally smashed, though he’s likely just in make-up from a particularly memorable episode. (Warming Glow)

Speaking of impressive facial hair, this Bob Ross lolcat (bobcat?) is my second favorite thing on the internet this week. jM.jpg

My first favorite thing on the internet this week? That would be the Black Cab Sessions. (Thanks, Yossarian!) The project has been going on for years, so if you’ve already seen it, I wouldn’t be surprised, my pets. I would, however, be disappointed that you didn’t think to share it with me. (Black Cab Sessions)

For all you lovers of “The Wire,” here’s a swell video of all the quotes from the beginning of each episode as delivered by the characters. I think it’s time for a rewatch.

Oh, my darling children of the 80’s, are you excited for thenew “Thundercats” show? I’m very hopeful they’re not going to f*ck with this particular chunk of nostalgia. Here is Panthro himself (the coolest cat, yes?) performing the theme on “Jimmy Fallon.”

Joanna Robinson, if she is being honest, would choose to get sh*tfaced with Nick and Nora Charles. Ron Swanson is pretty high on the list, though. How about you my rambunctious readers? Who is your pick? You can tell me here in ze comments or via Email or the Twitters!

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