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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 8, 2011 |

Contrary to that headline and photo, I’m not going to get uber politico in here today. I’m guessing you don’t read Pajiba Love for the scintillating political insight. No? Good, because I’m pretty sure I don’t have any. I just have these two arms to keep you warm. Oh and bunch of links. Here’s another installment in the Great Showdowns series featuring one of my favorite movie lines. (Great Showdowns)

That link was sent to me by one of my favorite Pajibans, Patty O’Green, who has gone and gotten herself all sprogged up. Congratulations! Thanks to Lauren, I already know what I’m bringing to the baby shower. (Etsy)

Patty is a supreme nerd, so I can imagine any future baking projects with her little ones will resemble these fabulous “Star Trek” cookies. Look at Kirk’s smirk! Too cute too eat. (Bakingdom)


America’s Sweetheart (no, no, not Sandy…the other one…the blonde one) was hit by a car while jogging yesterday. Exercise is bad for you, folks. Better to stay inside and gorge yourself on little Sulus. (Celebitchy)

Aw hell, maybe she just didn’t have the right shoes on. Which would you prefer, these kermit the frog Adidas sneaks, or the Nikes from Back To The Future which are finally being released for general consumption. That’s nice and all…BUT I’M STILL WAITING ON MY HOVERBOARD, ZEMECKIS. (io9)

Speaking of nerdish things, the folks from “Mythbusters,” “Survivor,” and “Amazing Race” are developing a reality show for geeks which will be hosted by Revenge of the Nerds stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. Casting call going on…NOW. (Blastr)

As much as I’d love to see a Pajiban on TV, I’d much prefer Pajibaaaans Innnn Spaaaaaace. Melody sent me this contest. Enter now!!! (Space Needle)

Speaking of space, I would nominate deceased astronaut Alan Shepard to this list of Bangable Dudes (and Lady!) in History. I love a man in a shiny, bulky uniform. This list is great because, looks, charts and graphs! Science! Thanks, Captain Tuttle! (Bangable Dudes)

Ah, but in terms of bangable dudes who walk amongst us, few are higher on my list this week than Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy who wins ALL the things with these Black Eyed Peas covers. I watched the “My Humps” video and then I died. (Evil Beet)

I know I said I wouldn’t talk politics too much, and I won’t, but I am curious what you thought of the GOP debate last night and whether you are as delighted as I am when Ron Paul (the lesser of many prime evils) snipes at his opponents. It’s like watching my grandpa fight. Not the nice Werthers Original grandpa. The meanish one. Check out Paul deride Bill O’Reilly and his smarmy little toady, Jesse Watters.

And finally, still a little politicklish, here’s travel writer Rick Steves defending the private and judicious consumption of marijuana. I love Rick Steves, he’s the reason I went to Bruges before Colin Farrell did.

Joanna Robinson has maybe been living in hippie country too long. . .man.

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