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The Dawning of the Age of ... Capricorn? WTS? NO WAY!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 14, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 14, 2011 |

Okay, kids, relax, that whooooooole horoscope thing was much ado about nothing. A tempest in a pot of tea. BUT I AM A LIBRA FOREVER AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT. Ahem, we Libras are a very gentle sort. (Discover Magazine)

It’s official. No take backs. Heed this copywriters and proofreaders: Why You Should Never Use Two Spaces After a Period. (Dave Chen)

Here’s a round of “Jeopardy” wherein IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, takes on two of the all-time “Jeopardy” champs. I have to warn you, I too was shocked by the complete lack of Trebek. Also, it’s odd to think of Ken Jennings (I missed you too, 2004!) as a modern day John Henry.

I refrained from posting Palin’s speech and the subsequent edited video of all of her breaths and obnoxious lip smacks because they make your link wench very, very angry, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Here, however, is a neat-o “word cloud” comparison of her speech and Obama’s. Oh yeah, I said “neat-o.” (Daily Kos)

Big football game on Saturday! Let’s go ahead and judge the contenders by what’s truly important, the great American tradition of dip. What do you think, folks? Does this artery hardening slurry by a Packers fan do it for you? (Examiner) Or are you drawn to the “old world taste of pimento with the new world flavor of jalapeño” in the Falcons creation? (Food Create) And yes, my doves, I know there’s a game on Sunday as well. But in a disgusting food-off between Seattle and da Bears, I think we all already know the outcome. Also, p.s., GO PACK!!!

Evidently Ian McKellen has a blog, and even though it looks like it was put together on Angelfire and practically begs for a midi of the LOTR theme to play in the background, I enjoyed reading this post on why he was dragging his feet onThe Hobbit. (McKellen)

Chris Evans was actually hilarious and undeniably smokin’ in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I think the most lamentable fact about this new image of him in Captain America is how much it obscures his face. All we’re getting is lantern jaw and he might as well be that Potato kid you guys like to hate on. (Super Hero Hype)

Okay, warning, here be lethal levels of quirk and whimsy, but I supremely dig on these claymation sculptures…especially the one where all the cute little clay people are dying. (io9)

Word on the streets behind is that “Community” is planning a D&D episode (that’s Dungeons and Dragons, you jocks). Don’t worry if you’re not a DM or have never held a twelve-sided die, let the Geeks and a Freak show you how it’s done. (CNN)

And, finally, I got some pressure here and elsewhere to bring back the fluffy animal videos. So behold, in all his fleecy glory, the magnificent creature that is man. What a piece of work.

Joanna Robinson just has one thing to say…”DUTY CALLS”?!?!? REALLY? YOU GUYS WENT WITH “DUTY CALLS”?!?!?!

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