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The New "Community" Blooper Reel Has Extra Shirtless McHale Footage? Oh Yes Please!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2012 |

Happy Fridays you Amazing, Astonishing, Incredible Pajibans. Josh Kurp continues his tremendous coverage of Comic-Con with these 25 Best Costumes We’ve Seen So Far. If you’re like me you’ll keep flip-flopping on your favorite. “Oooo, X-Men on vacation!” “Oooooo, Walter White!!” “Aaaaaa, the Silver Surfer and his shiny boogie board*!!” (Uproxx)

Speaking of geek things, I’ve resisted buying one of those Sonic Screwdrivers (it’s a “Doctor Who” thing, mates) that simply glow and boop, but this one will change the channels on your TV or turn up the volume on your iPod. It’s a SONIC UNIVERSAL REMOTE. (Pop Candy)

Google Maps has added “Street Views” of some of California’s stunning National Parks. If, you know, you want to go in a fauxcation at your desk. (Laughing Squid)

I don’t much care which teenage pop singers are dating which, but this photo of Justin Bieber is indicative of something that is actually literally going on in the universe. And I am officially in get off my f*cking lawn with your glitter boots and Segway mode. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of the kids and their new fangled fashions (nice Segway, yes?), apparently skin tight jeans are (surprise surprise) causing medical problems for men and their, ahm, boogie boards and floaties. (Telegraph)

In less terrifying news, Neil Gaiman has announced that he’ll be working on a new “Sandman” comic. That sound? That’s the sound of millions of voices suddenly crying out for joy. (The Comics Beat)

I’m not here to poke the Rape bear, but one thing I heard over and over in the Daniel Tosh kerfuffle is that people would have been less offended if his rape jokes had been actually funny. What followed, of course, was a rather heated debate over whether or not rape could ever be funny. (They’ve obviously never heard of jM and her pandas.) Here are 15 rape jokes that “work” according to Kate Harding. You know what? I agree with most. That Tig Notaro joke is an old favorite of mine. (Kate Harding)

Speaking of Tosh, allegedly rape plays a significant role in his new animated pilot. Uh. Better get to rewriting. (Uproxx)

Dustin came up with a fantastic list of TV spin-offs he’d like to see. I agreed until I got to that Winona crap. Now he’s just messing with the “Justified” fans. (WG)

The new Bond film will introduce the youngest, sexiest “Q” yet. And for those of you who like your men gawky, British and nerdy (psssssst, “Doctor Who” fans, that’s you), may I present Ben Whishaw. If you don’t already love him from his previous work, trust me, you will. (Empire)

Some cranky readers yesterday accused me of having a cleavage obsession. Sure, okay. Well for those of you who hate breasts (and America and freedom, one presumes) here’s the creepiest cleavage shot I’ve ever seen. (Laughing Squid)

I was always jealous of you folks with Summer birthdays who could have Water Park Parties. Now that I’ve seen these insane water slides from around the world, I’m seething. (Unreality)

The most popular source for baby names in 2012? Hunger Games and “Game Of Thrones.” Uh, I’d laugh, but I’m seriously considering adding Jorah to the short list. (FilmDrunk)

Speaking of “Game of Thrones,” here’s a mathematical breakdown of the show. But, wait, isn’t everyone’s favorite female character Arya? Did I miss something?

Finally, as promised, fresh off the presses from Comic-Con, the “Community” season three blooper reel. #ankletitties

Joanna Robinson has always loved the phrase Pineapple Sex Wax.

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