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The Benedict Cumberbatch Wax Statue: So Hot It'll Melt Its Own Panties

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2014 |

Prince George is walking now, and he’s very serious about this endeavor. He shall, after all, one day rule England. Smiles are for peasants, and he has important matters of public policy to consider. After he fills that diaper. (DListed)

The teaser trailer for Boardwalk Empire’s final season has arrived. The opening lines are very promising. (WG)

I got a little tipsy on Saturday night and wasted precious moments trying to figure out whether this Ouija trailer reveals a kids’ movie or a horror movie. Did you ever play with the Hasbro game at a slumber party? (Unreality)

Joshua Jackson looks Pacey even in a drab grey outfit. (GFY)

Is this the end of the road for Beyonce and Jay-Z? Mysterious sources say that the two are merely riding out their joint tour together and are trying to figure out how to split without a full-on divorce situation. (Page Six)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s By the Sea has been self-described (by Angie, who wrote it) as an “experimental” and “independent” film. It will also be a celebration of a full decade of coupledom. (Lainey)

Early audience reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy buzz suggest that the film is quite good. (Slashfilm)

Hot news in C-list coupledom: Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder might be banging. Their kids would have great hair and creepy-ass smiles. (CB)

Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the (alleged - hahaha) Moon landing. The internet celebrated in grand style, but you may have missed it. (TMS)

Next time you feel complaining about your job and life circumstances, you need to read this account of the worker in a Bangladesh factory who was forced to amputate her own arm after the building collapsed. (Gawker)

The science behind making the perfect jello shot seems astoundingly complicated for a recipe often mixed up by frat boys. (MF)

Benedict Cumberbatch had a ball posing for the makers of his wax statue, which will be the most lifelike ever … since Cumby already looks like wax. (Telegraph)

Fred Durst has gone from being a “rock star” to directing “movies” to helming E-Harmony commercials. Oh, how the douchey have fallen. (Uproxx)

Lollygagger is a fan of old etiquette books, and she says The Lady’s Book of Manners by Julie Hird (c. 1890s) does not disappoint. The book ranges from the extraordinarily detailed to some that are quite lovely, “Read such books as will enrich the mind, improve the heart, and add to the happiness and usefulness of your life.” This is one rule to which we can all adhere. (Cannonball Read 6)

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