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The Action Heroes Of Your Youth Are Now Swollen, Drugged-Out Man Babies

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 9, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 9, 2012 |

No, no, of course you’re right. It’s not kind to mock someone who’s just come out of surgery. However, this photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger is obviously my favorite thing today. (Who Say)

Speaking of those muscle-bound thespians, Screen Junkies has an interesting list pairing esteemed directors with action stars that should be “rescued” from relative obscurity. (Screen Junkies)

Not being a daredevil myself, I have a healthy respect for those out there brave enough to pull off insane physical stunts. That being said, skydiving from space? Shudder. (Art Of Manliness)

I’m not a huge fan of the emphasis on “manliness” in that last link. Nor am I a fan of the recent coverage of Pinterest.

The Mary Sue takes a look at the sexist language surrounding the suddenly popular site. (The Mary Sue)

Because girls like nerdy things, too. OKAY? Here’s my adorable friend Vivian letting her nerd flag fly with these “Firefly” Drinking Game rules. Come for the references, stay for her Kaylee jumpsuit. Excuse me, Viv, I’ll be in my bunk. (Hot Nerd Girl)

Speaking of pairing beer with nerdy pursuits, check out this excellent and in depth list of which brews go with which comics. Seriously, someone spent a lot of time on this. (Quirk Books)

And while we’re on the subject of dorky things you can ingest, someone please get me these Letterpress cookie cutters. Pretty please? With umlauts on top? (Saveur)

Dear lord I love this Great Showdown scene from Temple Of Doom. It’s the smiley face on the heart that sends it over the top. (Great Showdowns)

Has Scott C done Gene vs. The Fridge yet? Cause he should. Oh, speaking of which, wriggle into your shortest denim cutoffs, the Wet Hot American Summer sequel is confirmed! (FilmDrunk)

If you’re a fan of absurdist humor, then you’ll love this story of a cop chasing his own dumb *ss for 20 minutes. (Gizmodo)

As part of their ongoing Hollywood Scandals series, The Hairpin has an amazing piece on the rise and fall of Fatty Arbuckle. In the words of the article, “Dude was a PIONEERING PIE-IN-THE-FACER.” He deserved more than the nickname “Fatty.” (The Hairpin)

Paste has selected the 100 best film posters from the past 100 years. (1 per year.) You know I have to agree with the choice from 2000. (Paste)

There was a whole lot of dancing going on during the ABC comedies last night and as much as I enjoyed the amazing Cheryl Hines (she’s 46 people), nothing pleased me more than Damon Wayans Jr. at the dentist. Enjoy.

One more dancing video for you. This one courtesy of TK. Oh yes, it’s “Sherlock“‘s Benedict Cumberbatch dancing to Thriller.

And, finally, I’m squeezing in this video that Julie just sent my way. Is this real life? HOW IS THIS SOMETHING A WOMAN WOULD EVER WANT?

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