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That Monster Taylor Swift Gets Away With Murdering One Of My Favorite Songs. Where's The Justice? AAATTIICCCAAAA!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 11, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 11, 2011 |

Do you ever feel sometimes that NASA is messing with us? I don’t mean that in a conspiracy “I have newspaper clippings all over my wall and a tendency to mumble to myself” theorist sort of way. I mean to say, in a totally sane manner, that some NASA images do not look real. What do you think, my little solar flares? (NASA)

I have no trouble believing, however, that 27% of congressional communication consists of taunting. Congress is fluent in “taunt” “snide” and “derision.” (Washington Post)

Obviously the liberal taunts will be more thoughtful and complex than the conservative taunts because liberal brains are shaped differently. Don’t yell at me!! It’s science! Probably. (Good)

What languages are you fluent in, my nimble-tongued polyglots? This infographic rates languages from easiest to hardest. I’ll admit that out of the five languages I speak, only one is out of the “easy” green zone. (Voxy)

Speaking of my beloved charts, check out The Geek Zodiac. Where do you fall? I got stupid “Astronaut.” Ugh, everyone knows I’m a Time Traveler, leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hopin-I’ve said to much. Oh boy. (Bit Rebels)

The last chart I’ll bring to you today, my darjeelings, is The Periodic Table of Storytelling. It’s better than it sounds. In fact it’s really, really good. (Deviant Art)

I’d be interested to see someone use The Periodic Table of Storytelling to break down these 101 Greatest Screenplays into chemical forumlas. P.S. Whichever WGA members excluded O Brother, Where Art Thou from this list best stay outta the Woolworth’s. (Awards Daily)

Really, though, if anything is begging to be compared to TPTS, it’s this, um, “creative” description of the Batman saga. (Pocketful of Geek)

Speaking of superheroes, here’s the cutest tumblr I’ve ever seen. (Girls Love Superheroes)

Speaking of tumblrs, here’s the most nightmare-inducing one I’ve ever seen. (Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes)

And, finally, speaking of chicks who give me the heebie jeebies, here’s pretty Taylor Swift in a pretty red dress with her pretty hair and her bedazzled guitar destroying a great Mumford and Sons song. It’s not SO bad, technically, it’s just soulless. Also, did I mention the bedazzled guitar?
(Evil Beet)

Seminal director Sidney Lumet passed away over the weekend. The Film Experience has a lovely post on Lumet’s 43 films, many of which you’ve seen or at least seen referenced. One of my favorite Lumet anecdotes, related by his daughter Jenny, is that the dishwasher scene in Rachel Getting Married is based on a real-life dishwasher organization battle between her famous father and the choreographer Bob Fosse. Contrary to what that story might indicate, Lumet was never a fussy or overly-mannered director. As indicated in the following clip from his first feature, Twelve Angry Men, Lumet let his actors have primary focus, eschewing showy cuts or angles.

In fact, the other week I considered posting this typographic representation of the famous “Mad as hell” Network speech. You know I love typography, but all the punch is taken out of the speech by an added (and distracting) soundtrack and not being able to see actor Peter Finch’s expression. Lumet knew better, leaving out any music and coming in tight on Finch’s damp, embittered and spluttering face. He was, as they say, an actor’s director. My favorite kind. And he will be missed.

Joanna Robinson realizes that every time she praises Mumford and Sons, Caspar Salmon gets a bit angrier. We all have crosses to bear. Email! Twitter!.

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