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Terry Crews Offered to Slap the Sh*t Out Of DL Hughley for Mocking His Sexual Abuse

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | January 27, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | January 27, 2019 |


Sebastian Stan looks foxy in this sweater. Also, I’m bringing “foxy” back. - (Lainey)

If you have a “Derek” in your life (or in your comments section), you may enjoy this List of Fun Games to Play Instead of Playing Devil’s Advocate. - (McSweeney’s)

I’m not digging the designs of any of these Viktor and Rolf gowns, but I *do* enjoy all of the slogans/sayings. - (GFY)

Speaking of sayings, if you were planning on picking up a box of Conversation Hearts for your Valentine this year, you’ll have to plan something else. - (Better Homes & Gardens)

Terry Crews and D.L. Hughley got into it on social media this weekend. I don’t have to tell you who ended up on the wrong side of the argument. (Uproxx)

Sam Elliot said what the rest of us were thinking. - (Celebitchy)

Fucking hell. I guess “hyper and giddy” is enough to suspect drug activity in 12-year-olds now, so gonna’ have to strip search them. Wait, what? - (Blavity)

Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t shy about his unfavorable opinion of Tom Brady and Brady’s support of Trump. Good. - (Dlisted)

There’s a new fan favorite on True Detective (and a potential new suspect). (Uproxx)

Tori said, “I can’t believe I missed this in the Trailer Round-up. I feel like I need to fire myself right now.” Wow, Tori. Wow. Guess we know how you really feel about 2nd Best Chris. - (Collider)

Kayleigh thinks “Chris Evans is once more trying to fire up the Best Chris debate as he comforts the Thirst Aid Kit hosts after the hellish Buzzfeed layoffs.”

Roxana shared “Top Chef contestant Fatima Ali has died at 29. Fuck Cancer.” - (Bon Appetit)

Roxana also shared this: “Yes, Robin Givhan has a Pulitzer for writing about fashion, and yes, this is must-read piece about the aesthetics of and the hatred captured in the red MAGA hat.” - (WashPo)

Overlord Seth: “A headline like this makes me think maybe we deserve to be living in the darkest timeline.” - (Gizmodo)

Friday, January 25 was Virginia Woolf’s 137th birthday, and so we’re featuring vel veeter’s review of Jacob’s Room, a transitional novel in Woolf’s oeuvre. Vel veeter talks about a big spoiler in his review, but don’t worry, it’s well marked. “My copy saw fit to tell me that in the opening line on the back cover, but the book doesn’t tell you this until the very end.” Knowing the ending changed the way he experienced the book. What’s the worst spoiler you’ve experienced? (Don’t spoil anything for others, though. If you’re going to post a spoiler, please use a spoiler tag.) - (Cannonball Read 11)

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