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Susan Sarandon Stomps All Over Woody Allen & Reveals Love Affair With David Bowie

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2014 |

How often does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson show up on a fashion blog? Let us celebrate this moment. Gird those lions, ladies and gents. He is a breathtaking specimen. (GFY)

Dustin harbors a talent for sniffing out hidden and not-so-hidden gems on Netflix. These are his 35 picks for geek-loving hearts. (WG)

Here is the most Definitive Ranking of Scarlett Johansson films ever. Do not argue with this list. Some of you aren’t going to enjoy seeing that #1 pick though. I do love that movie. But a lot of people do not like it at all. (Film Drunk)

Awww, Tara Reid tried to make the case that a sharknado could happen in real life. Remember that time she played a cultural anthropologist in a Uwe Boll movie? This is even more of a “bless her heart” moment. (DListed) Oh, and Megan Fox outed herself as a Bigfoot enthusiast. (People)

Are Jennifer Lawrence and her cute British boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, over again? Is he hooking up with Elvis’ granddaughter now? Nooo. (Lainey)

Hey, fellas. If your wife seems to have every excuse in the book to not have sex with you, I suggest you turn inward for some self-examination. Don’t put it all on her because these tragedies are seldom one-sided. Whatever you do … don’t do this. Jesus. (Deadspin)

Here’s your first look at Frozen’s Elsa in Once Upon a Time. I look forward to having that damn song stuck in my head again. (Slashfilm)

Nicki Minaj has been critiquing supermodel’s asses, but that’s not the only sh-t she’s stirred up this week. She also threw some merciless shade at Iggy Azalea as an example of racism in the rap industry. (CB)

So you want to write a young adult book series? Join the club and follow these tips. Even the success of Twilight makes more sense in these terms. (Unreality)

Police have found the well-meaning culprit who left slightly creepy porcelain dolls outside of several people’s homes in San Clemente. All of the “victims” were certain that someone was playing a Conjuring trick on them. It was really just an old lady who wanted to give away her dolls. A likely excuse. (NBCLA)

Jimmy Kimmel proved that people will buy absolutely anything that contains an Apple logo. (TMS)

Susan Sarandon is one of the only celebrities who will speak the truth about the Woody Allen Problem. She also reveals her love affair with David Bowie and a fondness for psychedelic ‘shrooms. (DB)

Beyonce is only the latest celebrity to try and put a spin on the Rosie the Riveter poster. The iconic character now has numerous faces, some more worthy than others. (MF)

This is a very special treat for Jason Statham fangirls: A throwback of him at age 20. He’s wearing a speedo and participating in the Commonwealth Games.

Bonus Video: Dwayne Johnson is promoting the hell out of Hercules. I will stan for The Rock forever, and he makes this Tonight Show clip worth it. Ignore the Fallon.

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