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Susan Sarandon & Debra Messing's Twitter War Is Getting Uncomfortably Ugly

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | March 31, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | March 31, 2016 |

I guess not enough people were talking or caring about The Huntsman, so they brought in a ringer for this photo call. (Lainey)

Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing are having a super ugly, messy fight on Twitter over Sarandon’s Bernie/Trump comments the other day. Since this article was published, it’s kept going, too, and I can’t look away. (DListed)

Oh, I think I want to see Tarzan now. (Celebitchy)

Here are this week’s Better Call Saul Easter eggs and theories. Do we actually think Kim and Jimmy might end up in Omaha together? I can’t see that ending any way but with total saddest possible sadness. (Uproxx)


A VERY NSFW trailer came out for Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt’s adult animated comedy Nerdland and… I don’t know. Meh? Boobs? Like, lots of boobs.

For those not interested in the boobs there, here’s Justin Trudeau doing yoga. (Time)

This is probably more words than you ever thought you needed on the long and sad history of Ben Affleck, but it’s actually fascinating. (BuzzFeed)

I desperately want to know what Saoirse Ronan is talking about here. Do you think she’s realizing that she only got dressed in the morning on her top half, and forgot to put on real pants instead of pajama pants to go out? Because I’ve done that. (Go Fug Yourself)

This article just made me sad that we have to have stupid ineffectual human toes and not flippers. (Atlas Obscura)

It always amazes me when I meet someone who refuses to accept that television can be art, or that artists can choose to work in television. Clearly thos people have no idea what goes into Game of Thrones’ White Walker prosthetics. (Inverse)

Cannonballer ardaigle makes a "not bucket list" every year of the things she’d like to do in the upcoming year, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was on it for 2016. Her five-star review of Ken Kesey’s book lets her cross one off the list, "This is a captivating and engaging book and I immediately understand why it is such a classic, and why it was adapted for both film and stage." So fess up: have you read book, seen the movie, or (gasp) neither? (Cannonball Read 8)

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