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Superman's Dean Cain Got His Sorry Ass Dragged for his #Eggman Comments

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2019 |


As many of you are already aware by now, comedian Lilly Singh, an LGBTQ woman of color from Canada, will be taking over the late night spot vacated by Carson Daly, which is fantastic and years later than it should have happened, but hey, let’s be happy and excited that it’s finally happening! - (Lainey)

In case you missed it, a 17-year-old kid egged Australian Senator Fraser Anning in the head for his anti-Immigrant rhetoric — including basically blaming Muslims themselves for the shooting on Friday — and Senator Anning, well … just watch.

That kid is a #hero, but not to Dean Cain, formerly of Superman fame.

The dragging that Cain received with swift, brutal, and completely warranted. (Uproxx)

I’m one of the first people to openly bitch about the uselessness of Twitter, but sometimes (*sometimes*) Twitter is helpful for getting shit done. Like this time: Getting Danai her proper due on Marvel’s new Avengers: Endgame posters. - (The Root)

And as sad as I am about Netflix canceling One Day at a Time, I’m hopeful it will find a new home. Why am I hopeful? Because Lin Sunshine Manuel Miranda is on the case! He has Twitter, you guys!- (Vulture)

Kratu doesn’t need to prove anything to you. - (Dlisted)

I couldn’t possibly say it better than the Fug Girls themselves, “The iHeartRadio Awards Served a Steaming Pile of Fuggery.” Boy howdy! - (GFY)

If it’s important for you to know which Hogwarts house the 2020 presidential candidates would belong to, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s husband was happy to let us all know which house the Sorting Hat would pick for Pete. - (The Hill)

HOW has KitchenAid not thought to do this before now? I will absolutely be putting one of these on my Amazon wishlist! - (PW)

Ducherincess Kate wore green for her St. Patrick’s visit, but mostly LOOK AT DOMHNALL THE IRISH WOLFHOUND! I love him so much! - (Celebitchy)

I feel like some offices just shouldn’t have potlucks. I mean, you know how gross some of your coworkers are while they’re at work, in front of people? Imagine how gross they are at home, preparing food when no one’s watching. Or you don’t even have to imagine. One person’s coworker prepared chicken right at work for a potluck. Yick. - (Ruin My Week)

In Gilead news - Scott Lloyd and the ORR were tracking the periods and pregnancies of refugees ages 12-17. - (The Slot)

In How Gilead Starts news - At the US/Mexico border, journalists and advocates are being detained, interrogated, and dossiers are being compiled by the US government. - (ACLU)

From Professor Wilson, “You know that quote about being the descendants of all the witches they failed to burn? Meet Anne Greene. They tried really really hard and she won. Money quote: “SHE KEPT THE COFFIN AS A SOUVENIR.” - (Twitter)

Richard Erdman, who performed many roles in many films but who most of us recognize as Leonard from Community, has passed away. - (AVC)

Do you want to see what a bunch of different things looks like when they’re cut in half? Well then, you’re in luck! - (BP)

Liara Tamani’s debut YA novel Calling My Name was hard for MrsLangdonAlger to describe. "You know what is really hard to describe? Growing up. There are SO MANY books about it but not enough of them really describe the emotional states of going from a younger child to a preteen to a teen." What is your favorite novel about growing up? (Cannonball Read 11)

'Billions' Recap, 'Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game': Taylor Mason Sells Their Soul | Can We Take a Minute to Talk about Mayor Pete Buttigieg?

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