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Stop Sucking, Men

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2018 |


We will talk more about this tomorrow, but by this point, you probably already know the details of the interview between The New York Times and the cast of Arrested Development, where Jason Bateman went full Matt Damon in defending Jeffrey Tambor in front of Jessica Walter while Jessica Walter was recounting the verbal harassment she experienced from Jeffrey Tambor, who was in the interview. It was awful. It was an awful moment for Arrested Development, for Jason Bateman, for David Cross, and even for Tony Hale. Man the f*ck up, fellas. This is not how the industry works, and if it is, it’s on YOU to change it. This is exactly what people talk about when they say that men need to stand up to other men, and that’s exactly what Bateman and David Cross failed to do. (NYTimes)

Here’s some cute dog with cute celebrity porn for you, folks. (Lainey)

You know, if I were a celebrity I’d probably occasionally fantasize about getting social-media revenge on some rando that mocked me, but Patrick J. Adams!? You don’t actually DO it. You just think about it. Don’t punch down, bro, even if they punch up first. (Celebitchy)

Leah Remini is moving from Scientology to Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are her next targets. (Dlisted)

Oh, I am a fan. (GFY)

I don’t know how much you folks read Deadspin, but it’s really evolved into a phenomenal, progressive publication, and Laura Wagner’s piece on the way that Barstool Sports uses PFT Commenter to disguise its own misogyny is a must read. (Deadspin)

Well done, Rainn Wilson.

No big deal, just a Pajiba alum with the cover story on Vanity Fair with Emilia Clarke. I will never stop being blown-away by Joanna’s success.

Kristy is doing pretty goddamn fantastic herself, and here she is on the latest /Film Podcast discussing Deadpool and the Netflix doc, Evil Genius. (/Film)

Meanwhile, GROSS Jodi, GROSS. But also, weirdly fascinating. (Ranker)

This is straight-up delightful: Donald Glover fans have hijacked the /Donald Trump subreddit, and Trump supportes are pissed. (The Root)

As Genevieve notes, “this should be an excellent reminder/future example of how the Bechdel test isn’t actually a test of feminism and the phrase ‘strong female character’ is meaningless.”


Goddammit, GRRM. FINISH THE BOOK ALREADY. As Professor Wilson notes, “When I bother thinking about him, I’m tremendously angry at him. And not even remotely because of feeling entitled to reading his books, but because as a writer it fucking infuriates me that he is letting some glorified fan fic writers finish telling his story. It’s _your_ story, how can you let that happen?” (THR)

Idris will star and direct an adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Netflix. I hope he isn’t thinking about playing the Hunchback, because good luck, dude. Wear all the prosthetics you want, we still know who is underneath. (The Wrap)

Alphabootoo thought that before she read Connie Willis’ To Say Nothing of The Dog, she ought to read the Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat off which Willis riffs in her time travel novel. Three Men in a Boat started amusing but became a slog. However, "To Say Nothing of the Dog is a tangled ball of science fiction, romance, mystery and comedy and it is very good fun. Four stars." Do you feel compelled to read source material? (Cannonball Read 10)

Here’s a fantastic Bad Lip Reading video, Royal Wedding edition:

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