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Someone Found Footage of Carla Gugino On "Saved By The Bell" And Now I've Found An Excuse To Post A Pretty Photo Of Carla Gugino

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 23, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 23, 2011 |

My dreamy readers, I may have rewatched Inception last night which MAY have prompted me to inceptivize today’s P. Love. I’m saying there are layers, people. So go to the bathroom before you start, watch out for snowmobiles and, this is very important, as soon as the van hits the river, be ready to-BRRRRRRRAAAAAMRMMRMRMMMMM!!!

After seeing this super freaky phone charger. (I mean it, you guys, this is Cronenberg-level freaky), I’m tempted to join this woman in her anti-cell phone crusade. (The Awl)

My rampant anglophilia is well-documented, and it’s not as if the British are doing anything to put a damper on my affection, but I think poor Hugh Laurie has contracted ameriphilia? Yankee Fever? His new album (you’ve never heard him sing?) is comprised of bluesy, New Orleans style tracks. I won’t lie to you, babies, I’m excited. (Evil Beet)

I’m such an anglophiliac, in fact, that it took me less than two minutes to find the glaring omission in this chart of “Films Featuring At Least Four Harry Potter Cast Members.” The composition is neat, don’t get me wrong, but whither the Tennant?!? WHITHER?! (Rag Bag)

I also take exception with this list of “10 Movie Heroes Who Were Probably Virgins.” If you think Mary McFly was a virgin, you severely underestimate both the allure of a puffy orange vest and the sexual prowess of Miss Elisabeth Shue. Have you seen Cocktail? Side boob! (Hobo Trashcan)

Speaking of cocktails, here are the Ten Drunkest Cities In America. San Francisco, you’re number nine on the list but number one in my heart. (Main Street)

Sometimes I worry, my little Ewoks, that I talk about Star Wars too much, but the poster I’ve attached below made these PSAs impossible to ignore. Also, nostalgia. Also, Star Wars is great. (College Humor)


Speaking of nostalgia, I loved some truly terrible things when I was younger. Like Troop Beverly Hills and “Saved By The Bell.” Hey! Pretty Carla Gugino was in both! (MovieLine)

I also loved some great things when I was little, like the Thin Man movies…which they are bloody remaking with Johnny Depp. So help me gourd, if you Captain Jackass Slurrow your way through this film, Depp, we’re through. THROUGH. (FSR)

I rather thought my favorite Asian thing would always be my wok. (Have you read this book? No? Do it!) That was foolish of me, my wok pales in comparison to this incredibly heroic Japanese man. The only way he could have been more heroic is if he had strapped a chainsaw to his arm. You can’t make this sh*t up. (Badass Of The Week)

Well that last layered link was a little excessive, no? I’m glad I didn’t try to shoehorn that story about the subway cars being dropped into the ocean. That would have been over the top. Let’s bask, instead, in the badassery of not only Hideaki Akaiwa, but also Mr. Steven Seagal. The lads over at Film Drunk have compiled, for your cringing pleasure, every bone Seagal has ever broken.

And, to counteract the machismo of that clip, I bring you this decidedly un-macho Lady Gaga video. It’s actually a pretty swanky look at the rise of Gaga through the lens of Google.

Joanna Robinson wonders if that was a bit much. . .all those layers…and what was with that snow fortress?!? When she wakes, she’ll talk to you here: [email protected] or here: @quityourJRob or he—

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