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So, Tom Cruise Lost All His Sex Appeal In Oprah's Couch Cushions, Right?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 2, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 2, 2011 |

Not content to dominate over on Warming Glow and Uproxx, our man Dustin is at the top of Persephone Magazine’s “Smexiest People Alive.” Let me tell you Pajibans, Persephone is a fantastic site. If you want proof, just look at the top three on this list. Smexy, riiiight? (Persephone)

Speaking of smexy, can we pinpoint the exact moment Tom Cruise became anything but? He used to be sexy, right? If a little short for my taste? The crazy ruins everything. If there was any doubt in your mind about the state of sexy affairs, check out this video of Cruise caterwauling and swiveling his hips at a Scientology retreat. It’s like watching your dad…mortifying. (

To me, sexy is Serena Williams in a little red dress and killer heels. That posterior? Damn. (GFY)

Since the posthumous release of his authorized biography, a lot of folks are jumping on the “Steve Jobs was an *sshole” bandwagon. While that may be true, I think it’s unfair to make that assessment based on what you heard from someone who heard from somone who read the book. You didn’t all read the book, did you? I’d be impressed, it’s lengthy. Anwyay, “The Atlantic” has, at the very least, presented a more even look at the Jobsian legacy. (The Atlantic)

My favorite chameleon, Andy Serkis, gave The Hollywood reporter a fantastic interview. In it he discusses the art of a motion capture performance (of which he is king). It seems like maybe Andy Serkis thinks he deserves an Oscar. So do we, Andy, so do we. (THR)

Ah, and now for something completely frivolous. A map of the average penis sizes across Europe. Well, bonjour there, France. (BioTV)
small_penis size across europe.jpg

“An artist” has created an instillation of 30,000 piles of rice. Cool. Arty. How many peeps do you think we could have fed with that? (This Is Colossal)

Do you love West Side Story? Then go enter Nathaniel’s contest, tell him why you love it and win a 50th Anniversary edition Blu-ray. (TFE)

Oh, christ, I already despise Michelle Trachtenberg. Now she’s saying she was up for the role of Bella Swan? That’s a perfect storm of whiny uselessness. (Celebitchy)

If you guys are feeling amorous, Jean-Ralphio has some romantic advice for you. (WarmingGlow)

Uproxx has a quick review of Lady Gaga’s new autobiographical short film and it’s…positive??? (Uproxx)

If you have time, I urge you to read this super long piece on the gorgeous Rita Hayworth. It’s fascinating. Personally, I love it when she does that sh*t with her hair. (The Hairpin)

There are several ways you can download/pre-buy the new NIN soundtrack for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Some of them are freeeee! (NIN)

An epic battle between Screech and Urkel? My heart says no, but my TGIF-riddled brain says yes. (Unreality)

Finally, check out this awesome photo essay of a Dutch woman at a shooting gallery. The pictures go from 1936-2009. (Retronaut)

Here’s a collection of TV characters who never appeared on screen. It was a gimmick I sort of hated on several shows but absolutely loved on “Frasier.” Then again, I loved a lot of things about “Frasier.”

Thanks to Bierce Ambrose for this video of 6 famous paradoxes explored. For you trivial folk out there.

Joanna Robinson knows “Saved By They Bell” didn’t air on Friday, but TGIF anyway you guys, right? Also, “Oprah’s Couch Cushions” is emphatically not a euphemism.

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