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Sledgehammering the Shit Out of Trump's Walk of Fame Star Is the Most Cathartic Thing You'll See Today

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | October 26, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | October 26, 2016 |

This Michelle Obama gown retrospective is divine. The whole thing is one long swoon, and I think this quote from the first dress applies to pretty much every shot: “If we put this photo in a time capsule and aliens dug it up in 200 years, they’d be like, “Oh, cool, Madam President brought her man candy to the ball.” (Go Fug Yourself)

Someone smashed the crap out of Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star early this morning. I wouldn’t normally want to condone this type of destruction of property (which will be repaired, at the expense of my own L.A. tax dollars, probably), but watching that sledgehammer do its thing is giving me life. (Deadline)

Justin Timberlake wanted to make sure everyone saw him vote, because what’s the point of doing a thing if you don’t put it on the internet? Even though voting booth selfies are, you know, illegal. (Celebitchy)

I’m totally in love with these two contestants from the Australian Bachelor who fell in love with each other while filming the show. Boy bye. (Mashable)

Tom Cruise called Scientology a “beautiful religion,” and I’m pretty sure he has a different definition of both of those words. (DListed)

I love a good over-reaction, and this is a GREAT over-reaction.

Walking Dead fans, it sounds like Negan’s gonna be around for a long, long time. (Uproxx)

We’ve got another The Dress situation. (BuzzFeed)


Were you underwhelmed by this year’s movies? It’s not just you; 2016 was a pretty dismal year. How dismal? Sausage Party is liking their Oscar chances. (Daily Dot)

In the future, men might snort their birth control. (Inverse)

Nothing today is more important than this profile on Jumpy, the smartest dog in Hollywood (and quite possibly the world). (MTV)

Cannonballer DataAngel reports in from the trenches, "I like to read books that are generally considered “terrible" or “so bad it’s good" and I know so many people who like (if not love) Flowers in the Attic. People? Can I ask you? Why?" Well, Pajibans, what say you? Can you convince this reader to make it past the 49% mark in his Kindle? (Cannonball Read 8)