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Sick Of Schwarzenegger News? Disinterested Now That He's Not Governor? Maria Shriver Is With You.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 10, 2011 |

Oh, it’s you, my pretty pedants! You know, I was just wondering the other day if there was a word for that particular satisfaction you and I derive in nerdily correcting someone on a bit of minutia. You know, that thrill you get as you slide your (possibly metaphorical) glasses up your nose and say, “Um, aaaactually…” The best I can come up with is “schanerdfraude,” but I’m sure you can do better. So tell me, my natty nitpickers, which of you sent this correction into the NYT? (Geekologie)

It’s okay, you Tolkienologists, you can tell us, this is a safe space, we’re the sort of folks who enjoy photos of Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks, delight in counting how many times Moffat has tried to kill off cute Rory on “Doctor Who” and pore over intricate (yet spoiler-free!) “Game of Thrones” family trees. (Haute Slides)

You’re with me, right? RIGHT? Oh, damnit, are you not? Is this like middle school? Is this the part where you give me a swirlie? Fine, let’s talk some celebrity goss. The lovely Rachel McAdams and the, um, immensely talented if slightly hobbity-faced (ugh, still nerdy, Joanna) Michael Sheen are (probably? maybe?) engaged. I love both of them, damnit, that’s killing two birds with one engagement stone. (Celebitchy)

On the flip side, Maria Shriver appears to be giving Arnold Schwarzenegger the old heave-ho. That’s something I wish California had done two gubernatorial terms ago. (Evil Beet)

Speaking of wives of prominent, philandering politicians who probably only stayed with their husbands so as to not aversely affect his (or her) reputation, poor Hillary Clinton has been photoshopped out of that now-famous Situation Room photo. An ultra-orthodox paper removed her entirely, which is a shame not only because her horror-stricken face is, perhaps, one of the strongest elements of the portrait, but also because IT’S F*CKING SEXIST. (NYT)

Speaking of sexism, here is the world’s cuddliest chauvinist, Homer Simpson, redrawn as a total [email protected] I’d watch this movie. This summer, Jason Statham stars in D’ohnut F*ck With Me. (Unreality)

Ah, thanks to the new (FREE FOR NOW!) Super 8 app on the iPhone, I’m that much closer to making my dream of the sure-to-be-crappy D’ohnut F*ck With Me a reality. The app actually looks super rad and this is the first time since the iPhone came out four years ago that I’ve regretted not having one. Oh and also every time I get lost when driving. (High Definite)

All Asians like gadgets, right? Gotcha! False stereotype’d! Here is Wesley Yang’s fascinating response the highly controversial book “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother.” His essay, entitled “Paper Tigers,” examines the flip side of the overachiever stereotype. It’s a great read. (NY Mag)

Speaking of great reads, here are a few adorable letters some prominent authors sent to the children of Troy, Michigan on the occasion of their new library. Isaac Asimov’s is the most creative but, ultimately, Dr. Seuss wins for writing in crayon. (Go To Public School)

I have to admit something to you my sweet D***s in a Box and Mother Lovers, I find a lot of the songs that Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew put out to be…um…how do I put this? Dumb. I find them dumb. With a few notable exceptions, dumb. However, this isn’t all about me and I know a lot of you dig on Samberg and the SNL Digital Shorts so here is Audiosuede’s comprehensive review (complete with audio clips!) of the new Lonely Island album “Turtleneck and Chain.” (Audiosuede)

For every person who digs on the Digital Shorts, however, there are five people who have given up on SNL altogether. I don’t blame you. However, I heard Tina Fey’s episode this last week was pretty solid and it must have been if this great “Famous Women Authors” sketch didn’t even make the cut. Oh Bill Hader, I think I love you most of all.

Finally, my dears, Matt Patches over at Film School Rejects wrote a great piece on the 8 movies his girlfriends forced him to watch that make him who he is today. His list is populated with some unusual chick flickery and made me wonder if I had a comparable list. Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is 2001: A Space Odyssey, which my high school crush made me watch. It not only got me into artier films in general but also provided me with an arsenal of Hal-voiced jokes I still use on my brother-in-law, Dave. Do you have any flicks you’re really glad someone made you watch? While you think about that, check out this gorgeously animated homage to Kubrick. The Shining is my favorite part.

Joanna Robinson never gets tired of Hal jokes. “Joanna, open a beer for me, would you?” “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Never gets old, right? RIGHT? What? Swirlie time again? Damnit. Email! Twitter!

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