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Senate Defeats Trumpcare, No Thanks to 'Hero' John McCain

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2017 |

OK. The Senate just voted on Trumpcare. Guess who voted YES after giving a big old speech earlier today about how the bill was in shambles? That’s right, John McCain. Guess who else voted yes, after voting No before, saying that she didn’t come to Washington to hurt people? Shelley Capito.

Didn’t matter. Nine Republicans voted against, so Trumpcare — and basically any form of replacement — is now dead. But the health care debate is not. Now, the GOP will vote on various forms of repeal with no actual replacement in place. The next vote is expected tomorrow at noon. And if all these votes fail, you know what? I bet the GOP will come up with something else to drag this endless goddamn process on forever.

Ugh. TJ Miller sounds way too similar to his Silicon Valley character. He’s exactly the kind of guy I would get stuck with as an office-mate and then I’d have no choice but to start live tweeting everything he said and I would eventually get fired because I would get zero work done, but a LOT of tweeting done. - (Dlisted)

I wish we could just bleep The Orange Menace off all of the shows we watch, but Broad City is a big damn start! - (THR)

Seth Green is directing a movie! Yay, I love him. Macaulay Culkin is starring in this movie. Last night Seth and Mac and Seth’s wife and Brenda Song (an actress I’m not personally familiar with, but she’s been in a lot of stuff that Pajiba readers have probably seen) went out to dinner together, and you guys, Macaulay looks great! Yay, I love him. - (Lainey)

The customer is always right. Bullllllllshiiiiit. - (SBNation)

Michael B. Jordan asked “Who me?” when asked about being a sex symbol. Imagine what he would have said if he’d have been asked about being on the Pajiba 10! (Maybe next year, Mike. Maybe next year. ) - (Celebitchy)

Cara Delevingne is wearing what might be one my favorite outfits of the year, so far. Wow, she looks so sparkly and yet, still kind of business-like. I mean, if your business is diamonds. - (GFY)

Did Drake get a big ol’ honkin’ tat of Lil Wayne? Um, do you NOT have one? - (Billboard)

Ohnoes. I hope none of you had tickets to upcoming Biebers shows. For a lot of reasons I hope you didn’t have tickets, but now I hope you didn’t have them because there won’t be any shows. Womp-womp! - (LG)

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Fucking Millenials. Killing everything.

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