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Science Has Discovered the World's Most Perfect Face and Surprisingly, It Doesn't Belong to Mila Kunis

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 30, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 30, 2012 |

This is my favorite announcement of all time ever on Pajiba Love: Our Senior News Editor, Sweater Vest Impressario, Dungeon Master, and one of the greatest guys I know, TK, had a son over the weekend. The kid is fucking adorable. TK’s wife is doing well, and TK’s heart grew SEVENTEEN SIZES. Now he cries at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Lifetime movies. Please, welcome the newest Pajiban, y’all.

Speaking of, if you’re keeping up with “The Client List” — and why shouldn’t you be? Is there something better on television on Sunday nights? — you already know who the latest member of the “Jerked by JLoHo Society” is. (Gawker)

The other expecting Pajiban writer, Courtney Enlow, is days away from babydom herself. In the meantime, she’s very, very excited that Backstreet Boys has reclaimed its 5th member. (MTV)

Via friend and reader, Kevin, other brand-spanking new parents may be interested in an examination of this study about the dangers — or lack thereof — of co-sleeping and SIDs. In new parent circles, this is kind of a huge deal. (Statistical Epedimiology)

While we’re on the subject of science, mathematicians have discovered the perfect, flawless face, and it does not belong to Ryan Gosling or Mila Kunis. Or Alison Brie. Or anyone else you thought of in the half-second before you clicked over. (CubicleBot)

My vote for the most perfect face? Maybe Rosario Dawson, who showed up to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner looking like she wanted to do some home wrecking.


But nobody breaks apart Barack and Michelle. That’d be like Tom stepping out on Rita, and THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Speaking of Barack, he unveiled his new campaign slogan. It’s one word, but I bet he uses the Al Green voice when he says it. (Slate)

Before TK went and had his kid over the weekend, he did manage to watch and review The Avengers, which will be up in the next hour. In the meantime, here’s the best of The Avengers … er … Lulz. (Uproxx)

While we’re talking Avengers, here’s a series Avengers-inspired eye makeups. I’m kind of partial to The Nick Fury. (Geekologie)

I saw longtime reader, head of last year’s Cannonball Read, and a college career counselor by occupation, Tamatha, over the weekend in Boston, and she was furious with me for linking to that 15 Most Useless Degrees article. Maybe this list of the fastest growing jobs for new college grads will atone for the mistake. Or maybe I’m just making it worse. (HuffPo)

Speaking of useless degrees, here’s a helpful post on how to make the most of your film degree. (Movieline)

The link before the last was from HuffPo, and President Obama had a great crack at the website’s expense at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend. Here are the video highlights. (Buzzfeed)

I have not read The Edumacation of Jay Barker, but I kind of love that YA author Jay Clark tried to drum up support for the book by interviewing himself. It’s OK to be shameless as long as you are also self-aware. (Jay Clark)

Over on IndieWire, a collection of critics were asked which movie they’d remove for Sight and Sound’s 10 Greatest Films of All Time and which they’d substitute in its place. Our own Daniel Carlson weighed in with the other critical dignitaries. (IndieWire)

You know that Chloe Moretz is playing the lead in the Carrie remake, right? Not a fan of the idea, but if they had to do it, she’s an awesome choice. Here, she reveals that the movie will share a lot in common with Black Swan, though presumably not the oral sex. (The Mary Sue)

Zack Ruskin over on Unreality writes a post in Defense of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. In other news, I love Zack Ruskin. (Unreality)

There’s been an interesting wrinkle in NBC’s lineup change that affects “Community,” which could either bode very well for its chances of renewal or it means that it’s totally getting shit-canned. What do you think? (WarmingGlow)

You guys are going to kill me for this, but the next YouTube Music Sensation, a la “Friday” has been released, and it’s two teenage girls singing (badly) about how hard it is to be hot. Yeah. But before you shred them apart, please remember: They are teenage girls. That fact that the video will exist permanently is punishment enough (via The Houston Press)

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