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Scarlett Johansson Won't Talk About Equal Pay & Cameron Diaz Does Science

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | April 8, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | April 8, 2016 |

James Franco is remaking a Tori Spelling Lifetime movie, but that’s not really “Franco” enough for a weird project these days, so he’s also making it about lesbian vampires. (DListed)

God, I love when Cameron Diaz talks science. (Celebitchy)

Melissa McCarthy IS coming back to Gilmore Girls! (Lainey)

Scarlett Johansson said some things about the wage gap, and basically how she won’t talk about it because she makes so much money that it would seem “obnoxious.” I get this. it makes sense. I also know that I do not get to decide which subjects various celebrities will care about or throw their weight behind. I’m coming to terms with that. But she says (accurately) that the issue is “part of a larger conversation about feminism in general.” But isn’t that the conversation she’s not having here? (Vanity Fair)

How to take Lin-Manuel Miranda to bed, courtesy of Alison Williams and Bradley Whitford.

An open letter to Zack Snyder, just in case he doesn’t know how bad and wrong he is yet. (Latino-Review)

Oh Hugh Dancy, no. (EW)

Real world video game villain Jack Thompson sounds like a distressingly sane and logical guy. (Inverse)

If you’ve ever felt like someone was watching you in a hotel room… this won’t help. (Cosmo)

My biggest life goal is to someday have so many books that I can not even realize there’s a previously undiscovered First Folio in there. (NYT)

DOGS IN SPACE! (Twitter)

Cannonballer terroringlasses read her first Bill Bryson book for CBR8. "One Summer: America in 1927 invites you to the party. Bryson narrates the major historical events of that summer (and there were a lot of them)… and manages to give an open, unapologetic view of the 20s. This book is neither deluded nor disillusioned, celebrating the optimism of an era where the sky was literally the limit while acknowledging the very real flaws (see: Prohibition, when the government would rather poison its citizens than let them have a drink), as well as hinting at the horrors to come." Four stars for this one. Have you read any of Bryson’s other books? (Cannonball Read 8)

Happy Friday! I have to say, I’d burn this whole place to the ground without weekends, but by Monday I’m rushing back in like

See you then!

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