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Say Goodbye To These! Karen Gillan Is Leaving "Doctor Who"

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 16, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 16, 2011 |

We movie bloggers love our lists. And we link wenches love linking to those lists. It’s an easy, lazy cycle. However, I SWORE I wasn’t going link to this 19 Most Beautiful Movies Ever Made post if it didn’t mention a certain film. That film was number one, baby. (On this one too.) Have you seen it yet? (Pop Crunch)

Also staggering, this silkscreen poster for The Birds. Hell, I don’t even like that movie (but what up, Bodega Bay?) and I’d get this poster. (Alien Corset)

You want to talk gorgeous? Check out this image of the recent lunar eclipse. Try to revel in its beauty and not think about how it would look on a shirt with three wolves, okay? (APOD)

Oh god, some Chinese guards roughed up Christian Bale. Presumably because he walked across their shot. (NYT)

tamatha sent me this wonderful story about a pair of twins, one of whom is transgendered. It’s…it’s really sweet okay? (Boston Globe)

I need something aggressive after the treacle of that last article. Ahhh, yes, these slicey knife cufflinks will do nicely. (Like Cool)

Speaking of aggressive, check out Edith Head’s bossy instructions on what to wear at the 1968 Oscars. (MovieLine)

Okay, speaking of dressing up, who’s cuter in their Christmas outfit? Baby Jack Skellington? (Fashionably Geek)

Or Sean Bean? (Nerd Approved)

Ah, perhaps you prefer your handsome male actors stark naked. Well, then, here are 2011’s Shirtless Movie Moments. Jason Momammaries! (Buzz Sugar)

In case you weren’t already upset that you missed last night’s LACMA reading of The Princess Bride, one of our readers tweeted the following: “Surprise guests at LACMA Princess Bride: Cary Elwes as Humperdinck, Fred Savage as The Boy, and ROB REINER as the Grandfather!!!” I would LOVE to have seen Elwes in that role. And because I angered you all with that Fillion comment yesterday (I’d still hit that, for the record), I am not weighing in on the Elwes situation.

Speaking of actors I love, here is the always charming Albert Brooks on his Golden Globe nomination. How they could nominate him and not Ry-nevermind. Not going there. The interview is adorable. (NY Mag)

One of the smartest men writing today, Christopher Hitchens, passed away yesterday at the age of 62. I didn’t agree with the man’s politics, but he was completely brilliant. RIP. (Slate) and (NPR)

And while it should be no surprise, given that change is one of the constants on “Doctor Who,” BBC announced that Amy and Rory Pond will be leaving the TARDIS sometime next season. To be honest, I thought we had already sort of said goodbye to them this season. (Bleeding Cool)

Speaking of British TV I Love, check out this awesome League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I tell you this right now, I would read a “Luther” comic. (Etsy)

Finally, this has been making the rounds, so you’ve likely seen it. But I’d watch it again and again, if I were you. I’m not sure how long it will last. Bill Watterson gets testy about these things. A VERY CALVIN & HOBBES SLAUGHTERMAS! Enjoy.

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