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Sarah Silverman Doesn't Care If You're Offended, Jesus WAS Gender Fluid, Dammit

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | December 30, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | December 30, 2015 |

You know what beer pong has always been missing? More complications and a younger target demographic, am I right? Luckily, now there’s Quidditch beer pong! (Mashable)

The Fug Girls did a retrospective of their most popular posts of 2015. I had totally forgotten about weird pale Joel Grey naked disco Bradley Cooper and I’m so glad I was reminded! (GFY)

I tried to stay off of my computer for most of Christmas weekend, so I totally missed the fact that Sarah Silverman tweeted her belief that “Jesus was gender fluid.” People, naturally, got all their things all twisted up, and Sarah is refusing to back down. She’s also kind of dragged Michael Sheen into it. (Only in that he was present at the time of the tweet, but really, if I were dating Michael Sheen, I’d remind people at every chance.) (People)

My greatest life goal is to someday have the confidence to publish a 400-page book called Words That Change the World, made up entirely of my own quotes. And then for Christmas, I would give that book to everyone I know. Thanks for the inspiration, Putin, you jerk-off. (NYT)

Are you craving more Force Awakens? Of course you are. Here’s a breakdown of 20 deleted scenes. Obviously, spoilers for TFA. (/Film)

Okay, so Aretha Franklin should DEFINITELY be banned from seeing live theatre ever again, but this is a good reminder that she can still bring a f*cking house down. Watch her make Obama cry and Carol King lose her shit. (Vanity Fair)

This modern-style trailer for The Empire Strikes Back is simply beautiful, and very very dusty.

The annual New Years Eve Twilight Zone marathon has been part of my holiday tradition since I was 8 or 9 years old (shut up, I did too have friends), and this year, SyFy is going above and beyond. The marathon actually starts tonight, because they’re airing every single episode in order— with a two hour break for wrestling. Sure. (PaleoFuture)

Jon Stewart and his son sat next to Tracy Morgan at a Knicks game last night, and those are people you just love to see having fun. The real tragedy, though, is that Cecily Strong was also there but cut out of most of the pictures. I want to see her leering at the Knicks City Dancers, too! (Lainey)

Cannonball Read’s fearless leader, Mswas, is usually too busy keeping the Cannonball working to write reviews. Louise Penny’s Inspector Gemache series inspired her only review of the year. Set in Quebec, the inspector deals with death, police corruption, and amazing French food. She has given 5 stars to each of the 10 books in the series that she had read. Have you read any of the Inspector Gamache series?. If there is a series you love so much you are compelled to write a review, please join us for Cannonball Read 8. We are always looking for new books.

Have a Happy New Year, everybody! As you finish out 2015, try to find the silver lining in those crappy situations.

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