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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is the Worst

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | May 11, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | May 11, 2017 |

I like Giada for the most part, but she deserved every bit of shade Nicole Kidman threw her way during this Ellen segment. - (Buzzfeed)

I’m neither British nor a parent, so I’ve never heard of CBeebies, but I guess it’s a thing where bedtime stories are read to children on the teevee? And now there are guest readers like Tom Hardy and Idris Elba and last night, Chris Evans. Lainey over at Lainey Gossip asked the same question I was wondering about. Who’s the intended audience for this? - (Lainey)

Halsey is just beautiful. And she looks gorgeous with blonde hair, blue hair, multi-colored hair, and now shaved hair! This outfit, though? Hmmmmmmmmm, I would not have chosen this outfit. - (GFY)

This is an enlightening infographic that details how only 10 major companies own prettttty much all the food crap you buy. - (The Daily Good)

I am SO HAPPY that Jessica St. Clair came through breast cancer alive and apparently thriving. She talks about her chemo hacks that helped her retain her hair, and also about the upcoming season of Playing House. - (Celebitchy)

You don’t tell Simone Biles to smile. - (Today)

Dynasty is getting a reboot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - (Dlisted)

A racist asshole yells racist assholey shit at a Muslim family trying to have a nice day at the beach. Awww, poor racist asshole doesn’t like it when he has to take a mugshot. His tears are so delicious! - (Buzzfeed)

Alex Haley’s Roots, and the subsequent TV miniseries, was a cultural event in the late 1970’s. Not long after Roots’ success, Alex Haley was sued for plagiarism and acknowledged he had copied some passages from another author’s work. Regardless of the controversy, Cannonballer genericwhitegirl enjoyed reading the book. Were you aware of the controversy around Roots? (Cannonball Read 9)

Finally, for those of you with, like, real jobs who don’t get to eat popcorn and watch the daily press conferences, Sean Spicer’s temporary-but-maybe-permanent replacement Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a real piece of work. She spent all day yesterday spinning a tale about the Comey firing, and after Donald Trump contradicted it, she spent all day today trying to un-spin her story.

Twitter is having a blast at her expense.

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