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Samuel L. Jackson & Donald Trump's Bizarre Golf Feud & A 19th Century Guide to Getting Laid

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | January 7, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | January 7, 2016 |

Want to feel really inadequate? Compare yourself to David Bowie. (SupBowie)

Brie Larson looks to have cobbled three dresses together and I don’t even care. When she’s standing next to that adorable dapper child, she can do no wrong. (Go Fug Yourself)

I am head over heels in love with these “Victorian flirtation cards.” We need to bring these back. I especially need a business card on which my job title is listed as KISSING ROGUE. Whose office is located in “Squeezemburg.” I am dying. (Gizmodo)

Donald Trump tried to take down Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter, and the result is— as you’d expect— hilariously pathetic. Who could possibly refer to Sam Jackson as “boring” and expect to still be taken seriously? Oh, right. Trump could. (Celebitchy)

I now really miss The Wire all over again, but also very desperately want to watch the entire series in its nonexistent cartoon version.

I’m not sure if this piece has convinced me that Finn is the BEST character in The Force Awakens, but there are some seriously solid arguments in here. And it HAS fully convinced me that the major criticisms people have been throwing his way are just idiotic. (The Toast)

While we’re on the subject, I don’t know if anything has ever been more perfect that this insane melding of Star Wars and Hamilton. I can’t stop watching. (Tumblr)

A woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 is speaking up again. And again, no one seems to be listening. (Daily Dot)

This is a great list of casually sexist things we all say. The article is specifically about the workplace, but most of these translate to pretty much every context. I have to admit, I struggle with the “girls” vs. “women” thing every day. (USNews)

The idea of “space funerals” is fascinating, but I have to admit that everything in this piece is a blur after the words “space-aged whiskey.” (Priceonomics)

North Korea is in the news again this week, but how much do you know about life in North Korea? Likely very little, not much information comes out of North Korea. But recently several books written by people who have successfully fled the country have been published. New Cannonballer Carolyn reviews one of the most recent, In Order to Live - A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom, by Yeonmi Park and Maryanne Vollers. Yeonmi tells her story of going from relative comfort to desperation, and finally being smuggled across the border into China, where her situation only got worse. Now Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist in South Korea (where she learned English watching Friends). Carolyn thought this was an important story, “So few North Koreans are given the opportunity to tell their tale and I think it’s the world’s responsibility to listen.” What stories do you think are important to tell? Register for Cannonball Read 8 and tell us about it.

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