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Sam Worthington Was Almost Cast As James Bond: The Spy Who Bored Me

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 9, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 9, 2011 |

Strange things are afoot with the stock market, eh my inveterate investors? See, this is why I’ve stuffed all of my life savings into my mattress. I mean, what, no, it’s under the floorboards. Er, anyway, I hope this isn’t too insensitive and that the majority of you haven’t suffered a major loss with the market fluctuations, but I have to admit I rather love this tumblr. (Sad Guys On Trading Floors)

If you’re suddenly broke, but still dream of owning a house, some Cleveh Gehl or Boy up in Vancouver has come up with a sure fire plan. No, really, if you have a spare house in Vancouver, you’re gonna want to fork it over. (Craigslist)

Our darling lord and master has come up with a list over at Uproxx entitled The Five Most Useless Action Movie Heroines. I think he should have called it, The Five Most Midriff Baring Leather Clad Action Movie Heroines. Either way, solid list, chief. (Uproxx)

Can we add Black Widow to that list? Or does she not show enough Midriff? Assriff. Check out these excellent minimalist Marvel posters. My least favorite? Um, yeah, Black Widow. (Behance)

Ahhh, apparently the king of Useless Action Movie Heroes, Sam Worthington, was almost cast as James Bond. Thunderbore? For Your Ennui Only? Seriously, I do not get this cat’s appeal. I will, however, say he is looking mighty broody and delicious on the back cover of this month’s “Men’s Health.” (Celebitchy)

And while there is no Bond or Fleming on this list, I think you lovers of literature will enjoy the 10 Real Life Places That Inspired Literary Classics. The Narnia inspiration is cool, but the Dickens nerd in me geeked out over the Bleak House. That’s the Ghost Walk, y’all. In the non-corporeal flesh. (Flavorwire)

Speaking of the walking dead, check out these amahzing zombie bowling balls. (Nerd Approved)

And while we’re talking zombies, I wish they had Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland on this “How To Get The Girl According To Movies” infographic. The caption? “Break The Rules.” (Pleated Jeans)

I love that Zombieland shirt, but not as much as I love the following shirts. In ascending order of awesome: for the font fiends “Sans Sheriff,” for the bevy of beardos among us “The Beardly,” and, finally, for the anglophilic uber dorks (that’s me!) “Harry Potter and Doctor Who.”

I want to thank all of you for sending me informative links on the English riots after I confessed a bit of ignorance. This piece, from a London-based blogger, is my favorite so far. (Penny Red)

At the end of that post, the author urges readers to become a part of the clean-up efforts. Here is the uplifting image that’s going round the webs today.

Speaking of uplifting images, Sofia sent me this adorable photo project of a girl who claims she can float. I see a little foot blur in one photo that betrays jumping, but I WAS READY TO BELIEVE. (Yowa Yowa)

Finally, my querulous quibblers, I’m not sure where you fall on the Movie Geek Evolution spectrum. I’d like to think I’m a fully evolved Celluloid Sapien, but some days I fear I’m a bit Filmsnobicus Hipsterata. (The Droid You’re Looking For)

Speaking of hipsters, I almost made one of our videos today The Decemberists covering Bob Mould. If you are aching to see it, you can go here! Instead, I picked the Croatian cello duo of Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser who are kicking the *ss out of their pop covers. This is the third I’ve seen, and they keep getting better.

I also had to incude this new video with Jaleel White playing Cee-Lo Green (but, really, kind of playing Stefan Urquelle). Two things. 1) “Pilsner Urquell?” The delicious Czech beer? I call that “Stefan Urquelle.” 2) White has come a long way since the Urkel Dance. I love choreography!

Joanna Robinson feels that beard shirt needs a “ZZ Toply” category. Also, possibly, Rasputinly.

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