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Ryan Gosling and Shailene Woodley, Among Others, Turned Down the Leads in "50 Shades of Gray" Because OF REASONS SHUT UP

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 4, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 4, 2013 |

HIJACKING THIS B*TCH! Hey y’all, Seth here. Hijacking the P-Love to plea for your votes. I’ve submitted a panel idea for next year’s South by Southwest, and voting closes Friday. You wanna hear stories about me up on stage for 40-odd minutes, telling film bloggers about legal what-nots and likely making an ass of myself in the process? Yeah you wanna hear stories. But that only happens if the powers-that-be pick my panel. So if you’re inclined to register with the SXSW panel picker and toss a thumbs-up vote my way, well, that’d be dandy. Thanks - back to your Biebercrap. (SXSW Panel Picker)

Dumdum Justin Bieber posted a photo of some cocaine to Instagram, and then realized how balls-deep stupid that is and deleted it. I think the important thing we can learn from this post, however, is that no one should wear sneakers without socks. (Celebitchy)

Bill Nye the Science Guy is going to be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” and you know what? Mr. Wizard would never stoop to this bullsh*t. That’s why Mr. Wizard >>>> Bill Nye 4 EVA. (DListed)


You want to know how “Sons of Anarchy” will end? Here’s a nifty look at how the Kurt Sutter’s characters line up with those in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and what it means for the end game in the series. (Uproxx)

Speaking of “Sons of Anarchy,” Ron Perlman tweeted, upon news that The Newsroom had been renewed for a third season, that it’s the best show on televisions. “Sons” fans were not impressed. (Zap2It)

Cracked takes a gander at four news stories that the media totally made up, like that Lex Luthor/Bryan Cranston story. I hate it when websites just make sh*t up. (Cracked)

Seth is pitching an awesome (and very useful) panel to SXSW for next year about copyright trolls, specifically how to combat them in the online world. It would really mean a lot if we could persuade you to jump on over to the site and throw a vote behind the panel. Just quickly register if you have not, and click up the thumbs up in the top right. (SXSW)

On Emma Watson’s heinous outfit here: ” Please, please wear this as a wide receiver on a full-contact Fashion Week charity team called the Angel Food Bundt Cakes, made up of starlets who will be taking on editors of a team called the Wintour Squash, coached by Anna and quarterbacked by A.L.T.” (GFY)

Turns out, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were not the first choices for 50 Shades of Grey, as producers had to face quite a bit of rejection before landing their leads. Shailene Woodley, among others (like Ryan Gosling) was on the list, but declined due to REASONS. Also, Imogen Poots declined, citing the fact that her name did not sit well with a movie about sex. (Vulture)

Cersei Lannister, as this open letter demonstrates, may be one of the few mothers who can escape the curse of the female anti-hero. (Unreality)


Here’s a pretty great investigation into the career arc of NIN’s Trent Reznor, who has mellowed some in recent years. Now he just wants to f**k you like a teddy bear. (Grantland)

Guess what soon to be released film gets this high praise from James Cameron: “It’s the best space film ever”? (Slashfilm)

If you’ve ever wanted to ask a slave a question, here’s your chance. (Jezebel)

This is pretty amazing: A woman with autism, who is also unable to speak, is asking about in an attempt to find connections to anyone with the Toronto Film Festival, or anyone else who may be able to help her, because she’ daring to go out and interview celebrities at TIFF. It’s pretty goddamn fantastic, if you ask me, and if you or anyone you know is in a position to help, it would mean the world. (Facebook)

Cameron Diaz is showing off her GIANT F**KING APARTMENT, and it’s gorgeous. Is this the “Cribs” equivalent of a humblebrag? (Laineygossip)

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