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Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Tortures Those "Glee" Kids. Rumor Has It Ryan Murphy Is Kind Of My Hero.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 8, 2011 |

One of the presidential candidates for the Republican Party made a huge gaffe yesterday. I’m sure you heard about it. Yup, Michelle Bachmann said nice girls shouldn’t ask boys out on dates. (Jezebel)

JUST KIDDING YOU GUYS. I mean, she did say that. But the Republican Candidate with his head firmly lodged up his *ss was, of course, Rick Perry. If you haven’t seen his hateful campaign video yet, go check it out here. (Uproxx) That’s right, Bachmann eyes, there’s a new meme in town. Even if you do agree with Perry’s politics, this article explains why that ad was a tactical misfire. (The New Civil Rights Movement)

Okay, this post right here is basically one big ad for a T-shirt company. BUT, they’re a clever geeky little company and there’s a discount promo on the page. So, you’re WELCOME. (Nerd Approved)

Speaking of geek purchases, you can procure these muppet wall decals for your kid’s room. You know, if you hate your child and want to give them feltish nightmares. Also, for those of you who said Clooney resembled Sam The Eagle. Nailed it. (HolyCool)

Speaking of nightmares, check out this Cheeseburger flavored Cup O’ Noodles. I’m not sure which version is scarier, the freeze-dried “Before” or the melty, plasticky “After.” (InventorSpot) Are cheeseburgers suddenly a thing now? There’s also this really confusing cheeseburger wrapping paper. (Kickstarter)

Oh my little useless data sets! It’s been awhile since we had a good Venn diagram. This seasonal one comes from The Curious Brain. Creepy, right?

Speaking of creepy, watch STP’s Scott Weiland try out his best Michael Buble impression. No, no, not charming and hilarious Buble. Frank Sinatra Impersonator Buble. Weiland has a new, possibly ill-advised holiday album out. (Stereogum)

Speaking of crooners, it’s the 31st anniversary of John Lennon’s death. Yoko Ono has posted a place where people can leave thoughts and tributes. RIP, John. (Imagine Peace)

I usually refrain from posting hearsay rumors, but this is a delightful one. Sources say Ryan Murphy is a huge prick to the “Glee” kids, blackmailing them and miring them in unappealing plot lines if they don’t toe the line. Does this explain the abundance of weird, stupid, nonsensical plot points on “Glee”? Amazing. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of hissy fits, here’s a hilarious breakdown of the “10 Classic Types Of Lady Tantrums In Movies.” I mean it when I say hilarious. “Faye Dunaway prefers sturdier hangers, OK?” (MovieLine)

Here are 11 great anachronistic photos from period films/TV shows. In the card game of thrones, you either bid, or you die. (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of anachronisms, check out these great magazine covers featuring Disney princesses. Oh hot, slave girl Jasmine, you were always my favorite. (Unreality)

And, finally, a one two holiday punch just for you Pajibans. First, a series of zombie holiday cards. (Nerd Approved) And, from Laughing Squid, a tentacular nativity scene. Dude, is Joseph an African Squid? Boss. (Laughing Squid)

Last, but not least, on this, possibly our final day of new “Community,” I bring you an adorable video of the cast playing pop culture trivia on the set. Dan Harmon makes an excellent moderator and I LOOOOVE me some pop culture trivia, but the victory dance is what launches this into the stratosphere of greatness.

Joanna Robinson thinks that if she met Alison Brie, she probably wouldn’t like her. You can convince her otherwise here.

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