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Rosario Dawson Goes Pantsless, Just as New Hampshire Politicians Had Intended

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | April 17, 2013 |

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | April 17, 2013 |

As of posting, Boston Globe is reporting that a possible suspect has been identified and is expected to be brought into custody momentarily. Cross all the fingers. (Boston Globe)

In “people and businesses who did not respond well to the Boston situation” news, what all the fucks, Epicurious? (Mr. Media Training)

You know what I love about Pajiba? My fellow writers and our commenters include thoughtful, intelligent men, and a bunch of vaginas. That’s how New Hampshire Rep Peter Hansen would describe it, anyway. (Salon)

There was lots of stupid speculation yesterday that there would be a Friends reunion season. That was horse swaggle, but if there were, Dustin thinks he knows how it might look, and it includes the glorious phrase: Crap Bag. (WG)

Ummm…the Kool-Aid Man got a makeover. And it’s a pantsless one. (AdFreak)

Apparently Mssr. Kool-Aid is a trendmaker because here’s the much more palatable Rosario Dawson, similarly pantsless. (Celebitchy)

Alex Jones is THE WORST. I mean “Family Guy” is not one of life’s good things, in general, but Alex Jones is THE WORST. (Uproxx)

On that note, here are some other temporarily banned episodes of television. (Mental Floss)

I was under the impression that no one really cared about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s “open marriage.” Hell, I only even paid attention because I was shocked they even kinda sorta admitted it, since it seems to me that an open marriage would be the best situation for their alleged…stuff. *eye brows of “u no whut i mean guuuuuurrrll?”* But apparently it was a big enough deal for Jada to write a Facebook status about it and pull the “THERE ARE WARS IN THE WORLD” defense, which, I mean, yeah. So why are you even responding then? Live your life, Jadeskies. That’s the freedom of the Willennium. (Bitten & Bound)

Inara and Mal finally made it official! Okay, not really, but this “Firefly” wedding warms my shipper heart. (Neatorama)

“Breaking Bad” set a release date for the final eight episodes. You’re going to have to wait a little longer than you’d like. (Uproxx)

Finally, if you haven’t seen it, the Chicago Tribune’s amazing tribute to Boston made my eyes sweaty. (Chicago Tribune)


Courtney Enlow is on Twitter, and doesn’t usually do these italicized endy bits, but really just wanted to tell each and every one of you people that she loves you a whole big bunch, because if there’s a lesson to be learned this week it’s “tell ‘em.”

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