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Robert Downey Jr., You Can Talk About Kittens All You Want, It Won't Erase The Pain Of Iron Man 2

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 27, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 27, 2011 |

Welcome back my rambunctious revelers. Did you have a good holiday? I missed you so. There was only one way to cope with your absence, my little ones. Boozahol.. (Who Killed Bambi)

How are you passing the evenings now that there’s no TV on the air? More drinks? Conversations? READING? Bah. How about video games? Check out this article in which the insanely pretty Kiala Kazebee proves that Portal 2 is better than Skyrim. Having played neither I have to side with my girl Kiala on this one…lest she insult me. (Nerdist)

Never fear my yuenglings, TV returns next week. Here’s a schedule of midseason premieres to look forward to. (CinemaBlend)

Speaking of new TV, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Don Cheadle vehicle “House Of Lies.” Showtime has put the whole pilot up on youtube (Jean Ralphio! Dance Up On Me!). Among other things (including a back-to-form Kristen Bell) we get Cheadle *ss, right off the bat. Well played, Showtime, well played. (YouTube)

Speaking of adorable Iron Man actors, RDJ gives an interview to Men’s Health where he talks about his cats…a lot. Click through for some rather silly yoga photos. (Celebitchy)

Ah, but nothing tops the silliness of this glorious first photo from Soderbergh’s stripper movie, Magic Mike. Opening night, baby.

And whilst we’re discussing directors named Steve, why not check out this guide on when you should introduce your kid to Spielberg. Wow, I did Schindler’s List waaaaaaaay too early. (Moviefone)

As much as I dislike the storytelling on “The Walking Dead,” I do and always will admire the top notch effects. Check out the amount of work that goes into a single zombie. (Fashionably Geek)

I suspect my fondness for zombies and Hobbit trailers and Time Lords makes me a geek, but I feel like the douchiest jockstrap in the room compared to this young man and his Eye of Sauron tattoo. (The Daily What)

One of my fav Pajiba readers got a fiancé for Christmas. Congratulations to her! This round-up of 2011’s themed weddings is dedicated to them. (GOOD)

But for those of you who didn’t get what you want, here’s a post to put your petulance in perspective. (TechCrunch)

Or, alternatively, you could just blow up Christmas. That works too. (Uproxx)

All I want for Christmas is to someday produce a child with half this much sass and savvy.

And, finally, I’ll let you guess which Pajiba staffer this video is actually from. He gives you these gifts because deep down, under the curse words, body armor and amo belts, he loves you.

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