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Ripped For Your Guilty Pleasure: The Cast Of "Revenge" Gets Nearly Naked

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 10, 2011 |

I know how you all love cute things. So check out these adoooooooorable snuggly little animals. (Life)

That, my freakishly over-sized doves, was a mindf*ck. I apologize. If you’re into mindf*cks, check out this list of 162 mindf*ck movies. It’s not my genre, so I’ve seen like, ten of them. (Listal)

The Other_Greg sent me this glorious gallery of recycling around the world. Scroll down to #10 if you want to see my Halloween costume for next year. (The Atlantic)

Speaking of recycling, Laurel Roth, a former park ranger, made these peacocks out of “fake fingernails, nail polish, barrettes, false eyelashes, jewelry, walnut, and Swarovski crystals.” Rad. (This Is Colossal)

Speaking of spectacles, io9 has an illustrated tour of the views from several moons in our solar system. Oh Space Porn, you are the best porn. (io9)

And in other porn news, the lovely Eric Snider wonders if Shame could be the first Best Picture nominee with an NC-17 rating. He also takes a good look at said rating and the seeming arbitrary way in which it’s assigned. Good read. (Film)

Despite all of you saying nay, I still hold out hope that Tarsem’s Immortals is going to be amazing. I was already half in love with him after listening to The Fall commentary and now this interview has won me over completely. (MovieLine)

Because of the stupid CMA’s there was no “Revenge” last night. So here, to fulfill your weekly soap fix, is a nearly naked, bloody…um…feathery photo spread from Tyler Shields. (Tyler Shields)

And, though there ARE scantily clad women in that pictorial, there are far more nearly naked men. So to balance the scales, here’s a pictorial of 15 Beautiful Women Who Played Cleopatra. (Sorry, no Alex Kingston.) Not only do you get a healthy slice of Sophia Loren’s thigh, but what Monica Bellucci is wearing needs to be seen to be believed. (Unreality)

I’m sorry, sometimes hokey local news is the best.

Did you know that our Mrs. Julien, she of the antimacassars and clutched pearls, is an avid surfing fan. No word of a lie. She sent me this video of someone breaking a record or something. I DON’T DO SPORTS, OKAY?

Joanna Robinson assures you that Courtney will be covering that PSU mess. You can vent your spleen at 2pm EST.

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