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Rihanna Appears On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Wearing More Hair Than Clothes. I Am Fine With This.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 29, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 29, 2011 |

My dearest, darlingest dimmest bulbs. Don’t worry, my low-wattage Wunderkinds, I mean it as a compliment. Last Saturday the world celebrated Earth Hour, which saw nations around the globe shutting off their power to raise awareness for energy use and global change. I know I keep linking to this site, but honestly this particular set is a marvel. You can click on images of the world’s most famous electrified skylines and watch them dim via time lapse. It’s a great idea, and, to me, it feels like turning down the dial on some loud music. Very tranquil. (The Big Picture)

You know what else was reasonably tranquil? That protests in London last week. This piece in the Daily Mail shows a fair and bal-AHHHHHH. Gotcha. Sorry, folks, apparently I linked to a total rag yesterday. I had no idea. Here “The Guardian” (WHICH I KNOW TO BE TOTALLY [mostly] REPUTABLE) takes an interesting look at what happens when the hue and cry of a protest is over. Also, Caspar, you didn’t tell me your gran was political. (The Guardian)

I would have been better off, by the way, letting my gran pick my NCAA bracket. How’s yours going? Mine is totally dead in the water. In fact, according to ESPN, amongst the eleventy billion brackets they received, only two folks correctly guessed the final four. BUTLER?!?!? REALLY!??! (With Leather)

My borked bracket fills me with despair and ennui (no it doesn’t). When I’m in a despairing and ennui-filled mood, I like to turn to cheery comics such as Garfield Minus Garfield or this one. (3eanuts)

If those peppy strips fail to cheer me, I like to play games. Pictionary, anyone? BABY FISH MOUTH! (The High Definite)

To the one person (probably my sister) who gets that Baby Fish Mouth reference, I salute you. Here’s something we can all get. The lovely and (probably) talented Rihanna is showing a significant amount of bum on the cover of Rolling Stone. I’m not really certain why they bothered with the shreds of material some people are charitably calling “shorts.” Seriously, Rolling Stone, more derriere less “What’s going on there?!?” (Socialite Life)

I’m going to give you three pieces of Neil Gaiman news because I love you so. First, if you click on the following hyperlinked text, you’ll find out the title of the Gaiman-penned “Doctor Who” episode. It’s very spoilery. Probably…maybe. Don’t click! Don’t even click! Secondly, apparently the same folks that are making the new Pratchett TV series are adapting my favorite book “Good Omens.” It’ll be a mini-series. If it sucks, I may have to track down and murder one of the Monty Python boys. And, finally, Neil Gaiman’s most respected novel, “American Gods,” is being made into a feature film…an apparently the director has scads of Oscars, but Neil won’t tell us who it is. TELL US, NEIL. (Bleeding Cool)

Speaking of amazing writers, I’m sort of in love with the people who write Barack Obama’s speeches. They make me feel patriotic. I didn’t know that was possible. I made a word cloud of yesterday’s speech on the U.S. involvement in Libya. You can see video of the full speech here. (Youtube)

I even made the Word Cloud Red White and Blue! If you click it, it’ll get all big-like in another window.

libya speech.jpg

Speaking of words, words, words. Did you know that couples who mimic each other’s speech patterns are more likely to last? The reasons are kind of ooky and Oedipal, but the science is neat. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of neat! Commenter Rob P. interviewed Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the creators of Atomic Robo, on his podcast. He claims it’s a big deal, I know nothing about comics so I believe him. Either way, Rob is a great guy and I know you’re DYING to hear what he sounds like. So give it a listen! (Grim and The JC)

You know what else I know nothing about, really? Video games. And that’s too bad because apparently I’m four years too late to one of the greatest puns of all-time. That’s right. GNOME CHOMPSKI. Here’s a fan-made trailer for a fake Chompski-centric video game. LINGUIST PUNS!

From chainsaws to katanas…please enjoy this awesome video sent in by reader Shibuyama wherein a dancer/martial artist, battles shadows. The shadow video is all set, so if the dancer is off in timing or positioning at all, the performance doesn’t work. It’s really pretty incredible, so enjoy!

Joanna Robinson wonders why they made Gnomeo and Juliet when they could have made Gnome Chompski. Let her know of any other gnome puns she’s missing here: [email protected]

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