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Rick, Buddy, We Miss You

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 1, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 1, 2011 |

First of all, my little ghostbusters and mutant plants, I’ll stop nicknaming you only when my tube of Love Spackle runs dry. So…not any time soon. Also, I realized after I wrote it that today’s headline might give you the impression that Rick Moranis had shuffled off this mortal coil. This is not the case. He’s just been retired forever and I miss him. More on that later. First, some of that serious, hard-hitting linkage you’ve come to expect from me.

Have I made my desperate love for Jurassic Park plain? If I have, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that this nearly hour-long clip of the famous John Williams theme (a film score IS real music, haters) slowed down 1,000% made me very, very happy. And I played it a few times last night. So here it is, hold on to your butts. (Geekologie)

Have you met the gorgeous, snarky ladies over at Persephone Magazine? Here one of them indulges in my favorite activity, mocking people’s tattoos. (Persephone Magazine)

But in full disclosure, my little buxom mermaids and burly sailors, I have a tattoo on my ankle which is inspired by a piece of literary fiction. I’m sure plenty of folks have mocked it. This site, Contrariwise, has amassed an impressive collection of literary tattoos. Some of them are highly mockable, but some of them are pretty radass. (Contrariwise)

If you clicked on that Contrariwise link (you click on all my links, right?!?), you would see the first tattoo is a rather clumsy and hard to read word cloud tattoo of a Sharon Olds poem. Have I mentioned that I love word clouds, you guys?!?!? Almost as much as dinosaur movies? I threw together a wee word cloud of my favorite poem, T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” I know, I know. Trite but true.


Okay, enough of that snooty thinky poetry stuff. Here’s a mock line-up for new TLC programming that doesn’t seem that off the mark from what they actually produce. I think “Uterus Cannon” is my new favorite phrase. (Warming Glow)

Disney unveiled the new Muppet movie logo and someone on Twitter (a legitimate news source if ever there was one) pointed out that it looks like decapitated Kermit. That’s a bell you can’t unring. (Slash Film)

In this Salon article Mary Elizabeth Williams outlines why “we” like Mark Zuckerberg. I would slow your roll on that “we,” Mary Elizabeth. I’ll give you the “awkward” but where you see “charm,” I see “smug charisma chasm.” (Salon)

For any of you who have friends or family in Egypt, here is some information on how Google is trying to help work around the internet black out. Which is pretty awesome of Google. ARE YOU LISTENING, ZUCKERBERG? (Google Blog)

Okay, comics nerds, help me out here. Is this debate over organic vs. mechanic web shooters really that big of a deal? My spidey sense tells me no, but I’ve been wrong before. (Hobotrashcan)

I love “Vanity Fair” and I double treble love their annual Hollywood cover. Last year they caught some flack for their entirely young, white female representation of Hollywood. This year they do have two non-white actors (Anthony Mackie I love you! Rashida Jones I sort of like you!) on the cover but, as in years past, neither of them made it onto the first fold. So, really, same as it ever was, except for an inexplicable Robert Duvall presence and a whole lotta Kunis leg. (Celebitchy)

Well that Super Bowl thingie is soon, right my little bacon acolytes? Here is some more meat-related nastiness from Epic Meal Time to get you in the mood. To be honest, this time it was the “cheese spread” rather than the meat component that turned my stomach. Eat your lunches first, my dears. (Epic Meal Time)

In honor of the Packers imminent win, I bring you this great compilation of inspirational locker room speeches. The editor loses many, many points with me for neglecting to include Coach Eric Taylor and his emotive hair but gains most of them back by reminding me of my love for Rick Moranis. Seriously, buddy, I do hope you’re enjoying your retirement, but I miss you a lot.

And while I cue up my copy of My Blue Heaven you should check out this neat video of Hans Rosling illustrating some stats for you. Did that sound really boring? I promise it’s pretty nifty and not just because Rosling reminds me of Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

Joanna Robinson is glad she finally joined Twitter last night otherwise she would have missed out on Roger Ebert trying to foment a political revolution in under 140 characters. You can follow her into the breach, dear friends, @quityourJRob. Otherwise, you can foment your own revoution by emailing her here: [email protected]

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