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Reese Witherspoon Ate Snow. We’re All Gonna Die!

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | January 21, 2024 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | January 21, 2024 |


Because the internet is a never-ending fartbox of dumb, Reese Witherspoon eating snow has become a Whole Thing. As someone who just got pelted with three storms in under two weeks and has seen a gaggle of shrieking kids cram snow into their mouths right outside his window — Working from home sure is great. — trust me when I say Reese will be fine. “But, Mike, isn’t shamelessly milking this story for clicks just perpetuating the weirdo outrage you claim to hate so much?” It sure does. I’m a helper! (Page Six)

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From Tori: Their key parties are those key blades from Kingdom Hearts. (Rolling Stone)

The Coen Brothers might be getting back together. (IndieWire)

From Jen:

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Pablo Schrieber agrees: Master Chief must never, ever bone. (Uproxx)

From Steven: So, Sports Illustrated has effectively ceased to exist as anything but a brand name. Staffers received news that they seem to be laying off, well, everyone. (Defector)

Madame Web is a period piece, apparently. And wait, just how the hell are we calling things from 2003 a period piece?! Ouch, my ancient bones. (Gizmodo)

From Roxana: Would love if this were not $80. (AMC)

Does the thought of writing about 13 books in a year stress you out? Longtime Cannonballer, Lynn, has decided that it’s ok if she writes just a couple of reviews a year (she is correct), so she shared her thoughts on J.D. Robb’s 57th book in the In Death series, Payback in Death. “I found the mystery to be a little thin this time around, and the plot as well. But it was nice to check in with our cast of characters, and most everyone is here.” Registration is open and Cannonball Read would love to hear what you have to say about what you are reading this year. (Cannonball Read 16)

From Dustin: Jon Hamm has decided that cowboy is his thing, and I ain’t mad at it.