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Redheads Are Becoming Extinct? Not While They Look Like This They Aren't.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 13, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 13, 2012 |

Ever since we announced the shockingly repulsive Candy Corn Oreos have you been thinking to yourself, “Maybe I should try one…just a taste…what could it hurt? The ladies at Hot Ink have the answer. What could it hurt? Your very soul, children. Your very soul. (Hot Ink)

Speaking of sickly sweet things, I like to admire certain cake creations from afar. Because the fact of the matter is that the fondant or whatever was used to make this “Game of Thrones” Cake is absolutely disgusting. It tastes like Satan’s Toothpaste. But it sure is purty.

And hey! You can wash it down with some GOT cocktails. Uhh, the Lannister one looks delicious but how on earth am I supposed to slur that name out when I’m already three Kingslayers to the wind? (TDW)

Apparently Donald Glover is already bracing himself for the demise of “Community” and has lined up a sitcom pilot deal with NBC. Really? You’re going to stick with NBC? Okay then. (WG)

Obama has booked an upcoming appearance on Letterman. This would be his 7th appearance. Once again I say “suck it, Jay Leno.” (CBS)

I didn’t know this but apparently a rumor pops up from time to time that Redheads are in danger of becoming extinct. a) The rumor is false. b) Just in case it ain’t: Save the world, bang a redhead. (Boing Boing)


We were just wondering a few weeks ago what had happened to Ethan Embry aka Preston Myers. Good news! We found him! Bad news…don’t look at the photo. (Variety)

Apparently a movie theater in London is deploying “ninjas” to take down rude/loud filmgoers. I WANT THAT JOB. (/Film)

I lost my taste for puns earlier this week when I saw the shockingly stupid posters for CBS’s “Elementary.” But don’t worry, Alison Brie has revived me! (Uproxx)

And, FYI, for you lovers of ladies, apparently “sexually aroused women find everything less disgusting.” I think we may need to test this theory with more photos of Damien Lewis and a box of Candy Corn Oreos. (io9)

You know what’s cute? Miniature Chocolate Hiddlestons. But since those don’t exist, here’s an adorable mash-up of animals covering their eyes with their paws. (HuffPo)

Finally, here are some fun facts to make your Trivia Nights all that more successful. I’m still reeling from that cashew crap.

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