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Raise Your Hand If You Think TK Should Real-Time Review The Upcoming Royal Wedding. . .And Wear A Jaunty Hat Whilst Doing So.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 18, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 18, 2011 |

Oh my gourd! I love puns! And snacks! And movies! The internet made a website just for meeeee!!! (Snack To The Future)

No, no, no, I lied. THIS is the website the internet made just for me. Let me…juuuust…snip my hair into a Tenille-shaped bob…PERMISSION TO COME ABOARD, SIR? (Sea Captain Date)

Congresswoman from California (what! what!) Jackie Spears gave an impassioned and cutting speech in defense of Planned Parenthood. This is one of those “You Go Girl” moments I’ve read about. I still can’t bring myself to say it, though. I’ll just do that slow-clap thingie instead. (Buzzfeed)

Ah, ladies, but then we have the SXSW controversy. This year’s line-up of over 30 stand-up comedians only includes one lady (I knew it would be you, Tig). SXSW responds very gracefully to the complaints. (Double X)

Ah, my little line-drawings and negative spaces, check out these beautiful illustrations for the Bafta-nominated Best Pictures. The Inception sketch captures what was weirdly one of my favorite images from the film. (First Showing)

Speaking of Art, my dears, did you see graffiti artist and inveterate prankster Banksy’s Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop? It was great. And Banksy is great and the Motion Picture Academy is being super stuffy and won’t let him accept his potential Oscar in disguise. The man needs his anonymity! It’s part of the prankster thing! You let Ben Stiller dress as a Na’avi! COME ON. (Inside Movies)

WORD. (Imgur)

What do you mean Gawker’s web traffic is down since the redesign? People don’t come to the internet to induce brain aneurysms? I’m shocked! (Tech Crunch)

Beastmaster is so far right on this graph as to be off the charts. Making it the best worst movie of all time. If you disagree, TK will hold you down whilst I slap some sense into you. (This Is Indexed)

Speaking of slapping and TK, who’s excited for the royal wedding? I was too young for the last one, so I admit, I’m a bit curious. I do love this story about Kate and Camilla getting into an upper crust snit fit about whom to invite. Royalebrities, they’re just like us! (Celebitchy)

I know what EVERYONE is getting for their President’s Day gift. What, you guys don’t exchange President’s Day gifts? Where’s your patriotism?! Your economy needs you! Um, that intro went off the rails, this link is actually about the new Princess Bride board game. Sorry about that. (Think Geek)

The lovely and talented tamatha sent me this bizarre Norwegian (Is it Norwegian? Swedish? Don’t hate me you frosty, blonde demi-gods.) video on the evils of plagiarism. Come for the boobs at the beginning stay for the lovely dance number at the end. Oh, and if you don’t speak the language (Norwegian? Swedish? Na’avi?), hit the CC button on the bottom for subtitles.

And, finally, my darlings, what’s better than cranking the new (it dropped a day early) Radiohead album? Watching Thom Yorke dance spastically to one of the new tracks whilst wearing (take notes, TK) a jaunty bowler.

Joanna Robinson may have lost TK’s affection forever. How should she win him back? Pet ferrets? Send your suggestions here: [email protected]

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