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Put Down The Cigarette, Fassbender, My Dreams Are In The No-Smoking Section

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 26, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 26, 2011 |

Oh, my musty, dusty bookworms, it sort of pains me to see all these non-literary uses for books. I can only hope these volumes were read over and over before they were turned into, um, that totally awesome desk that I covet. Seriously, someone make me that desk and I won’t ask any question about where you found those poor books. (Neatorama)


And for the math nerds, a wrist watch just for you. Seriously, I have a hard enough time with roman numerals. (Blame It On The Voices)

Asian people like math, right? HAHA, that was a hilariously offensive stereotype I’m using to transition into this list of People You Might Not Realize are Asian. They’re all Hapa, I think and, seriously, Zack Morris?!! (Buzzfeed)

Oh, Asians, is there nothing you’re not the best at? Look at you topping this list of Mass Murdering F*ck Heads (TM Eddie Izzard ), you over-achievers, you. Speaking of MMFH, here’s an interesting infographic of where deposed leaders go when exiled. Marcos had the right idea. (Exiled Leaders)

Mother Nature is being a bit of a MMFH right now, no? Here are some eye-melting shots of the Icelandic volcano eruption followed by some snaps of disgruntled folks at the airport. It’s sort of a silly juxtaposition. (The Big Picture)

For some perspective as to the “why” behind Mother Nature’s MMFH-spree, read this fantastic piece by the great Bill McKibben. He’s the best writer out there when it comes to Climate Change. (Washington Post)

And, while they’re not MMFHs, these two NYC police officers who illegally entered a drunk woman’s apartment, got into bed with her, GOT A CONDOM ON and then were acquitted of rape are, at the very least, total FH. (Boing Boing)

And the King FH today, is Fox News’ Roger Ailes. Have you ever actually watched that channel? Not just the highlights on The Daily Show? It’s impossible to do so without making strangulated scoffing noises. Rolling Stone has an interesting piece on Ailes’ iron-fisted/spikey, stabby, iron-gloved rule. (Rolling Stone)

Okay, enough with the FH. Take a moment and read Alan Rickman’s lovely farewell letter on the occasion of wrapping up work on Harry Potter. There is an accompanying photo spread that, while poorly scanned, shows some stunning composition. (George O’Malley)

And, finally, Michael Fassbender may still be my number one crush, but the way he’s puffing that cigarette all through the red carpet for X-Men is sort of vile. I mean, I may hate January Jones, but you don’t smoke around a pregnant lady, Fassbender, come on. (Celebitchy)

I haven’t ever looked at The People of Walmart site because there is only so much schadenfreude I can take. But then, well, this young lady put all the photos to a kicky tune with cute lyrics and, yeah, I bit. I watched the WHOLE thing, and it’s quite long. Longer than a Kentucky mullet.

On the flip side of the music world, here is a phenomenally talented guitar player from Botswana. Truly amazing.

Joanna Robinson knows next to nothing about Botswana. Everything she knows she learned from The Number One Ladies Detective Agency books which you can turn into a desk for her if you so desire. Email! Twitter!

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