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Please Let It Be For A Role, Please Let It Be For A Role: The Unexpected Sad Keanu-ing Of Ben Affleck

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 1, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 1, 2011 |

As I mentioned previously, our overlord, Dustin, has sprouted some wings and is now writing for Warming Glow. Please visit him over there, he loves your patented brand of snarchasm. His introductory post is about that canker sore Piers Morgan. Oh yes, Dustin has enough hate for two sites. (Warming Glow)

Me? I have enough stuffy, gender politics indignation for five sites. Hence this excellent chart on how you can quickly determine if a video game is sexist. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of geeks in their unmentionables. Check out these awesome DC-inspired boxer briefs. Why so sensuous? (The Mary Sue)

If any of you poor geek boys catch cold in those skivvies, then here are some fantastic ways to fight off infection. Wine? Baths? Copious sex? OKAY! (The Sun)

Or perhaps all you need this cold season is a nice cup of tea. Here’s an awesome robot tea infuser for your uber manly Sleepy Time Mint tea. (Dooby Brain)

Speaking of uber manly, there’s nothing hotter than a man who genuinely enjoys his wife and kids. Yup, even the sad Keanu beard and mop top can’t stifle the smolder of Family Man Ben. Don’t read the words, just look at the adorable snuggly photos. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of facial hair, here’s the first look at Daniel Day Lewis’s Lincoln beard. I won’t be able to make an accurate assessment until he shows me the Stovepipe. (BioTV)

Ah and while we’re being presidential, is there anyone among you who actually believed that old “Cherry Tree” story? These are basic mythologies folks! Nonetheless, Jill at Neatorama debunks 5 Inaccurate “Historical” Stories That Ended Up In History Books.

Let’s stay in the political arena for a second with the NYT article on how OWS and the lexicon of the 99% percent is changing the political dialogue. I am extremely interested to see how it factors into the Presidential debates. (NYT)

Uproxx has a list of the Grammy nominations and I have to agree with their skepticism. Bon Iver as best new artist? Um, is there another category for artists that actually debuted this year? “New NEW artist?” (Uproxx)

Speaking of Awards Season, THR has released video from their “award-worthy” directors round-table. Much like Charlize in the actress pool, I’m stymied by the presence of Jason Reitman. Are they really pushing Young Adult for the Oscars? Really? (THR)

Speaking of award-worthy directors, Ridley Scott has released some hi-resolution versions of those Prometheus set photos. Why would you want those? Well certainly not so you can zoom in on Michael Fassbender’s space-suited form. That would be weird. (/Film)

Many thanks to the lovely Beth for these “Game of Thrones”/”Parks and Recreation” posters. I would indenture myself to the house of Knope if it meant free waffles. (The Smart Sandwich)

Ever wonder how much commercials cost? Sure you didn’t. But the statistics will frighten and appall you.

Finally, a wee video to melt your cold, snarchastic hearts. Try to resist the gap-toothed smile of this little ginger. I dare you.

School Portrait (2011) from Michael Berliner on Vimeo.

Joanna Robinson is a much taller ginger, smiling gap-toothedly at you every day.

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