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Peter Jackson Confirms 3rd Hobbit, Will Spend Half His Budget Getting Liv Tyler Into Fighting Elf Shape

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 30, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 30, 2012 |

Peter Jackson confirms what we’ve been suspecting for a while, he’ll be spooling out his Tolkien film franchise into a third Hobbit film which is set to premiere Summer of 2014. Word is the third film will cover the material between the book plot of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring. That means more Gandalf, Aragorn and, oh yes, Arwen. I don’t intend to be unkind to Liv Tyler because she is and always will be a stunning woman, but the problem of a character who never (alright, nerds, slooooooooooowly) ages is making the performer (who is, in this case, over a decade older) look convincingly young and elfish again. Actors who play vampires over a long time face this problem too. (*cough*Boreanaz*cough*). And don’t throw Blanchett at me. You and I both know she’s an alien. Regardless, that’s a small nit to pick in a writhing mess of problems presented by a 3rd installment but, like it or not, I’ll be there. My money already belongs to Jackson. (First Showing)

Then again, if there is a fountain of youth, I’m pretty sure Jada Pinkett Smith is chugging from it on a daily basis. The woman looks amazing. (Celebitchy)

CNN basically called Sarah Palin stupid. I mean there’s pretty much no other explanation for this. (WG)

Commenter Jeniscola sent me this absolutely fascinating piece on the Aurora Shooting and our addiction to Evil. I’m not one to blame pop culture (TV, film, video games) for crimes, but I thought this was a compelling argument. (Slate)

This Spock-centric “Live Long And Swagger” shirt is pretty damn adorable. (We Love Fine)

How do I feel about this “Community” poster? Well, they certainly didn’t neglect Annie’s Boobs, but they totally Britta’d Britta. (The Autumn Society)

Uproxx, inspired by Jason Bateman’s photos of Michael Cera on set, has put together the very best of George Michael Bluth. It’ll make you forget all the hipster disdain you’ve built up for Cera during the show’s hiatus. Promise. (Uproxx)

Unreality has 7 Actresses Not Afraid To Pick Incredibly Challenging Roles. Featuring Pajiba 10 favorite, Monica Bellucci. (Unreality)

Fo those complaining (still) about Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises here’s a side-by-side comparison of a scene before and after Nolan remastered it. There are some weird lilts they added for contrast that make Hardy’s line readings sound, well, sort of dumb. (Film Drunk)

Speaking of Batman villains, how much would you pay to see Catwoman square off against Marie Antoinette? (If you’ve seen the movie, this pairing makes more sense.) Yeah, I’m talking the super obnoxious Marie Antoinette played by Kristen Dunst. Forget the guillotine, go for the razor sharp stilettos. (TFE)

Are you enjoying the Olympics? I’ve been hearing a lot of screeching over certain swimmers. Careful how you lust, ladies. Today’s Olympic heartthrobs are tomorrow’s Kardashian Paterfamiliases. (Neatorama)

If you’re into a little light Bond-age, here are some gorgeously skanky limited edition James Bond prints, one for each book title. (Laughing Squid)

Finally, in response to his wife’s adorable Ask Amy video series, Will Arnett shot “Boy’s Minute.” I wish we could go back in time and have Arnett host “The Man Show” in place of Adam Corolla. Arnett and Kimmel? Yes please.

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