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Pete Davidson's Harrowing Few Days as a Single Person Are Finally Over

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 23, 2023 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 23, 2023 |


AOC doesn’t expect FOX to cover Lauren Boebert’s ‘Sexually Lewd’ theater ‘Show’ but certainly thinks they should be consistent in who/how they cover things. Can’t say she’s wrong. - (Newsweek)

Back in 2012, Rosie O’Donnell had the same kind of heart attack that very nearly killed my dad, a “widow-maker.” He also didn’t realize the severity and drove himself to the hospital and then spent quite a while driving around looking for a parking spot. Heart attacks don’t always present like they do in teevee and movies! - (Celebitchy)

Did we know Busy Phillips has a podcast? We probably knew and forgot. By “we” I mean “me.” I forgot. I can’t remember a damn thing anymore. Like, I also did NOT remember that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had a kid, which they do! And she’s THREE now, and she got lots of fun-looking cake for her birthday! Good for her. I just remembered I also have cake! - (Lainey Gossip)

Erewhon is only in the LA area, I guess. But even if I lived there, I wouldn’t cough up $18 for a friggin’ smoothie, no matter how beautiful they are. Okay, but this one by Miranda Kerr is super beautiful! But good news! You can totally make it at home for way cheaper. - (PS)

I mean, it’s probably a sign of impending climate disaster and the death of the oceans, BUT the bioluminescence is so beautiful and the dolphins swimming through the waves are mesmerizing to watch. - (CBS)

Online Word Games Are Ruining My Life. And Probably Yours, Too. - (The Ringer)

Huh. So that wasn’t just a weird Justin Timberlake affectation thing? Well, I’ll bay. - (EW)

Reliving the 1986 Emmy styles is totally rad! Especially if you were in high school in 1986 and you look at some of those hairstyles and think, almost wistfully, “Oooh, crunchy hair was really lovely. No idea why giant bangs went out of style…” - (GFY)

This story came out last week, but if you didn’t see it, it’s somehow both surprising and not at all surprising. “The food industry pays ‘influencer’ dietitians to shape your eating habits.” - (WP)

Guess McDonald’s didn’t learn enough from the Stella Liebeck hot coffee case. - (CBS News)

The $2 billion Powerball winner is making the worst mistakes financial planners warn people of after they come into a ton of money - (Fortune)

I’ll miss Twitter/X when it does finally crash and burn because it really is entertaining when someone says something tremendously stupid. Case in point, when David Brooks tweets his idiotic bullshit and everyone lets him know just how dumb that take was! - (TMS)
*chef’s kiss*
JCO Tweet.jpeg

Leslie Jones says Saturday Night Live made her a “caricature of myself.” - (AVC)

Speaking of former SNL folks, Pete Davidson has a new girlfriend, so no one needs to worry! Pete has once again hooked up with an attractive woman and he’s doing well. - (UsMagazine)

Let’s talk about what a heinous creep the luteal phase is, shall we? - (SM)

Just a heads up that on October 4th, there’s going to be an Emergency Alert Test (in the US) on our phones that will be audible whether you have your phone on silent or not. - (Parade)

Chimerism is sofuckingcool!