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Pete Davidson Bailed on ‘Bupkis’ Season 2

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | March 21, 2024 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | March 21, 2024 |


In today’s cutthroat media environment, most shows would kill to get a Season 2 renewal. Bupkis had exactly that on Peacock and was set to start filming this summer. ‘Was’ being the operative word because Pete Davidson has walked away from the series, which leaves it dead in the water considering the show is about Pete Davidson. (THR)

Annamarie washed out of RHOBH and probably won’t be back. (Lainey Gossip)

I mean, Kyle Rittenhouse fleeing from an event with his tail between his legs is better than the alternative, no? (Wonkette)

From Petr: That’s a lot of wives, bro. (TownFlex)

Without getting into the gory details, things have gotten very real at Uproxx, and I cannot recommend signing up for Brian Grubb’s newsletter enough. He’s one of the few people in this industry who truly embodies the pure love and freedom of writing. Brian is a real deal, old-school blogger, and I am going to miss the shit out of him. (Substack)

For anyone keeping score, conservatives hate Planet Fitness now for some reason that I’m sure is dumb as hell. (The Mary Sure)

The long and winding road from Game Of Thrones to 3 Body Problem. (A.V. Club)

From Dustin: It’s hard to disagree with this: Zack Snyder’s career has been coasting on the fumes of the first 10 minutes of his first film. (Vulture)

Cillian Murphy is coming back for a Peaky Blinders movie. (Variety)

As if the DoorDash discourse on Twitter wasn’t ridiculous enough, they’re using drones to deliver Baconators now. Oh good. (The Verge)

Kate Middleton and the Royal Family are somehow “learning to live” with the conspiracy theories. It’s very difficult, you see. (The Daily Beast)

ElCicco was intrigued by narfna’s review of The Alewives and was so glad she picked it up. “I’d never read any of Elizabeth Andersen’s books before, but I gather that historical fiction is her thing and setting a murder in the immediate aftermath of the Black Death had me from the get-go.” Do you have favorite books set in Europe’s Late Middle Ages? (Cannonball Read 16)

From Petr: “Get them gears!” absolutely killed me: