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Pajiba: We Don't Know What It Means, But We Won't Admit It

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | December 27, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | December 27, 2010 |

In this year’s (Sh)it List, I revealed my dislike for our tagline, “Scathing Reviews, Bitchy People,” but many of you came out in support. Others offered up a lot of great alternatives. So, we’re going to keep Scathing Reviews as the official tagline, but for the next few weeks (months), I thought we’d have some fun and use a lot of the alternate suggestions in the masthead. This week’s comes from TrickyHD.

This is the week when most folks release their top tens (ours, traditionally, comes out next week), so I thought I’d plug other folks top tens this week. For instance, the AV Club named Mass Effect 2 the best video game of 2010. (AV Club)

Director Darren Aronovsky’s pick of the year: Angry Birds, which he played as fast as possible and immediately deleted (as did I, before I received a “30 Hours Played” badge and shot myself in the head). (WSJ)

The NYPost named Robyn’s Body Talk the top album of the year (I’ll try and do better with top ten album lists throughout the week. (Pop Wrap)

Ripley’s Beleive It or Not offers up the 10 strangest stories of the year. (Business Wire)

Vince Mancini easily one-ups Ripleys, however, with the 12 Strangest Stories of 2010. (FilmDrunk)

Our pal Chez has kicked off his 25 Best Singles of 2010. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

A bill pledging federal funds for the health care of 9/11 responders becomes law, and we basically have Jon Stewart to thank. (NYTimes)

Steven Zeitchick, who is kind of a bonehead, offers up another overrated films of 2010 list. Seriously: If you took a couple of these overrated films of 2010 lists and put them together, you’d have a pretty decent Best of 2010 list. (LA Times)

Here’s a new image from The Smurfs movie — they’re really tarting up Smurfette this time around. (Think McFly)

Five Retroactively Awkward Cameos in Would-Be Franchise Starters. (IFC)

Ryan Reynolds gets a divorce, and Alanis has a baby. Would’ve been a much better story if Alanis hadn’t named her baby … (Celebitchy)

Ask Jeff Bridges if he was high during his Oscar acceptance speech, and you get the best answer ever. (MTV Movies Blog)

Mocking celebrites without makeup is a cruel pastime, but it’s kind of impossible not to look. Ali Larter is not even the same person. (The Evil Beet)

Here’s a solid interview with the Coens on True Grit, via Jason P. (Deadline)

Damnit, as loathe as I am to include videos of cute pets, in the spirit of the holidays, here’s a classic: Two-and-a-half minutes of kids getting new puppies for Christmas. (H/T Scully) (Gawker)

This is whimsically adorable: A video montage of a dad videotaping his kids coming down the stairs for Christmas every year for 25 years, put together by the son.

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