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Pajiba Love: You Murdered My Vagina Edition

By Jodi Smith | Pajiba Love | March 22, 2013 |

By Jodi Smith | Pajiba Love | March 22, 2013 |

You know what makes me happy? Excited Aro memes. (Rifftrax Gifs)

Amanda Bynes meltdown/career spiral tour continues. The latest? This tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 9.16.53 AM.png

The discovery of a new dinosaur is always something to get excited about. The fact that a five-year-old named Daisy Morris (now 9, I believe) discovered the fossil and then had it named after her! (The Mary Sue)

Meanwhile, this 9-year-old has a Kickstarter so she can prove to her brothers that she can TOTALLY build her own RPG and they can’t. (Kickstarter)

I have a POP! Deadpool figure (surprise!) and I find them to be adorable. Even more adorable? Seeing some of the cast of “Game of Thrones” posing with their POP! counterparts and pals. I wish they had dragons. (UPROXX)


To continue in the thread of fandom, Megacon took place recently and Jen of Cake Wrecks shared some photos. She has an affinity for steampunk, but she happily takes and posts photos of any well-made costumes she see. Part 3 of her MegaCon coverage is up now. (Epbot)

If you would like to own a chart that tells you the powers of the cosplayers from the last link, I’ve got you covered. (H/T Green Lantern) (Pop Chart Lab)

I don’t want to oversell this next link, but it combines some of my favorite things. You’ve got gifs, 8-bit animation, and thirteen classic movies all smooshed together into pure delight! (Unreality)

What is the newest weird thing to do to your face? Blood facial. Patrick Bateman’s glowing skin now makes more sense and I think we all owe Countess Elizabeth Bathory an apology. (CBS Miami)

If your blood facial doesn’t work, maybe you can have your loved ones bury you in this pet cemetery. Then you can live your life again. (Laughing Squid)

“And then, kids, Miley Cyrus proved to us that she was fine by wearing a unicorn onesie and twerking it on Twitter. We knew then that she and that non-Thor Hemsworth would be together forever.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Another former-tweener, Joe Jonas, is also perfectly fine, you guys. There is totally not a sex tape of Eyebrows Jonas and his girlfriend using drugs and dildos and stuff. It’s totally false, you guys. Just like all the other sex tape rumors about other celebs. Gawl. (Jezebel)

Maybe Eyebrows Jonas was just using some vibrators for his voice and things got out of hand. (HuffPo)

Tony Swatton, prop maker and master blacksmith, uses a plasma cutter to make Batarangs. If you follow the link in his name, you can also see him create Jaime Lannister’s sword. Bad. Ass.

Finally, a sloth fell from a tree into a speedboat. The sloth was fine and ended up enjoying the ride. The sloth slowly said, “I f*cked a mermaid” to the startled driver.

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